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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by vagabondher, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. vagabondher

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    I applied and was given a job at Target contingent on a drug test that I took today around 1:30. I'm 50/50 on whether I passed the test or not, and while I have another job lined up therefore I don't have to worry, I'd prefer the Target job because it pays more. What I'm wondering is, if I fail the test, should I expect a call back from these people? Should I call them?
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    If you fail, the lab will call and talk to you. If you pass, Target will call you with a start date. If it is taking longer than you think it should be, like 4 days, they are probably retesting because the initial test was positive. Thats how it was for me.

    Good Luck
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    In most pre-emp situations, the employer may not call you if the test results are positive, or even "diluted". The employer would simply move on to the next candidate for hire.
    If you dont hear any word a week after taking the U/A, call the employer and ask for your start date. Never inquire about the test results. That tends to make things look bad for you if youre assuming the mindset of a "clean" person.
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    They called, I pass. Orientation is today!
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    woot woot, hit that bong!!!
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    Way to go.

    My Bro started at target almost 10 years ago. Had a Clean supply of piss when he went in for the test. He's about to step up to the #2 position at his store.

    I hope you will celebrate in an appropriate manner. :S5::S5::S5:
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    i go in for my first interview tomorrow at Target and im trippin balls if ima pass or not, i smoke once like every other day but havent smoked since sunday... 6foot 240lbs and pretty damn fat at that.... i got some "strip natural cleanser" only cuz i was stupid enough to listen to the guy, but now that ive read shit here i know i got fucked.

    for the guy that got the job at target, do they set up an appointment for your test or howd they do it with you?

    advice welcome from all...

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