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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by CarNutAZ, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    Back in July I was caught with a small amount of marijuana on my person. When I went to court in November, they offered to drop all charges if I successfully completed a 6 month random drug testing program. It's called TASC, and I'm sure some of you have heard of it. Basically I have to call a phone number every night (mon-friday, closed weekends) after 9pm to find out if I am required to give a visually monitored urine sample the following day between 9am-9pm at their facilities. I am called in once a week, but I never know exactly which day of the week it will be.

    The strange part is, I did not have to be toxin free on my first test (which was 2 weeks ago). I only violate the program if they detect my toxin levels increasing or staying the same. Basically, they just have to see that every week my toxin levels are going down, which would indicate I am no longer smoking.

    Knowing this, I decided to smoke HEAVILY the days before starting the program. In fact, I smoked a LOT only hours before going in for my first test. I am sure that my toxin levels were through the roof on my first test. I was already a very heavy smoker, so I am sure my levels would have been extremely high anyway.

    As I stated, it has been 2 weeks now (2 tests), and I am 99% sure I am still showing up positive for marijuana, but my levels are surely naturally decreasing because I have not been smoking. What would happen if I smoked one bowl? Would my levels shoot back up dramatically? I just need to show my levels are decreasing, and like I said before, they were likely as high as humanly possible during my first test. During my second test, I am sure they were lower because I had gone one week without smoking. My third test will be sometime this week, and I am curious if they would be able to detect if I smoked a single bowl. My levels were so high on the first test, I would assume that one bowl would not bring me back up to the levels detected in my first test. However, I am paranoid that they will somehow see on a graph or something that my levels spiked up a bit if I smoked a bowl.

    Is anyone familiar with these testing procedures? If I was say 30% THC on my first test, say 20% on my second test, would a single bowl brig me back up to 30%? or even 20%? Or would my levels still continue to drop because I am not smoking nearly as much? (On average I smoked about 3.5 grams/day of high quality marijuana in the 5 years leading up to my first test).

    Thanks for any info you can provide.
  2. Deige

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    If you like spending time in jail then by all means, smoke it up. Personally, if I were you I would lay off and wait till after you finish probation. And yes, if you smoke your THC levels will increase and you will fail miserably.
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    dude bro man, like high, you shoulda plead not guilty and fought the man....but you chose to have random drug tests every week and are asking whether your THC levels will go up if you smoke a bowl? of course they will.......but if you want to smoke, smoke the friday before christmas. christmas is on sunday, so everything closed monday and you can try to dilute a little....i m on probation for a year and have smoked almost everyday and pass my pee tests bcz of the genius who posted the sticky on dilution........thank the lord for that post....god bless....and really dont smoke, but if you gotta burn, say high to jah
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    Apparently you didn't read my post. I am not concerned about failing. I have already "failed" the first two tests, and it's ok. I am ALLOWED to "fail." My levels simply can not increase. Like I said, my levels were EXTREMELY high on my first test. My question was if my levels were very very very high on test #1, then I take 2 weeks off, can a single bowl bring me back up to levels of a 3.5gram/day smoker who smoked like that for 5 years? My assumption is that if I smoked massive amounts, tested, then took 2 weeks off before smoking a single bowl, that my levels will still be lower than they were two weeks ago when I tested at daily-smoker levels.

    Also, I am not on probation. In addition to that, if my levels are found to be higher than my first test, I am not even kicked out of the program. I will just be given a more frequent testing schedule. If I am "kicked out" of the program, I simply go back to court and receive a misdemeanor. No jail time, No felony.
  5. CarNutAZ

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    To give you a better example of my situation....

    I smoked 4 blunts the day of my first test. I had been a daily smoker for years and years. I continued to smoke heavy amounts during the two days AFTER my first test. Then I had about 96 hours before my second test. Even though I smoked for two days after starting the program, the 96 hours off smoking was enough time to lower my levels down from the massively high levels found in my first test. So although my second test was positive for marijuana, it was still considered a "pass" because my levels went down (even though they were still very high, mthey were simply lower than test #1). My question pertains to the upcoming test #3. Would a single bowl make my levels go back up to a level higher than a heavy user after 2 weeks off smoking?
  6. Deige

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    I read your post and answered your question... Reread my post.
  7. kayakush

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    dude, your levels will go up from a single bowl. if you fail and no jail then whats the problem? i dont get it.........just smoke and dont worry about it, or get paranoid and worry.....its human nature.....
  8. CarNutAZ

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    Yeah, I read your post.

    You mentioned probation (Not part of my situation or question). You mentioned jail time (Not part of my situation or question). You mentioned failing (Not part of my situation or question). You mentioned my levels going up... ok, well, OBVIOUSLY they will go up, but that wasn't my question either. You did not answer my question at all. I was asking if a single bowl of marijuana would bring my levels up to the levels found in a heavy daily smoker of 5 years. I only need my levels to be lower than a 5-year daily smoker because that's the baseline of comparison that they are using for my test.

    I accept that you don't know the answer, but if you don't know the answer, please don't reply with irrelevant answers.
  9. Deige

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    It's pretty much common sense. If you smoke Marijuana your THC levels will go up. But you do whatever you want dude, its not my ass.

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