tasted like pine trees smell

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  1. Dec. 21 2012

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    Alright, I need to know the strain of the mystery weed. It's my favorite stuff that I've ever had the pleasure of smoking. Like the title says the smoke tasted exactly like pine trees smell, I mean exactly. And this stuff got me high as a butterfly, I even hallucinated off of it. I'll just guess it was sativa dominant but I really can't say. Thanks for your help.:thumbsup:
  2. Mississippi Steve

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    Thats what I'm talkin about!!! The buds don't really have any smell to them until you crack one open then it smells like pine trees, tastes like pine trees too. It will rock your world. Do it in a waterpipe...... makes for a more intense high
  3. the image reaper

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    when I moved to the California hills about 25 years ago, there was a local-grown pot around for quite awhile, ... it was excellent to smoke, smelled like the pines ... was told it was Skunk, but took the odor from being grown in a grove of big evergreens ... I have no idea if that's true, or not, as I'm an indoor guy ... :jointsmile:
  4. socialistpete

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    You ever heard of "Fast Pine". I've had it and it is just as you described your mystery weed.
  5. KL4D4

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    Well there is a plausible reason why you're weed tasted of pine. When the plants are grown outdoors in California for example amongst a Redwood forest the weed will take the flavor out of the soil and pass is on to the plants. However yes there are also strains as others have mentioned that can mimic the taste.
  6. Mr.Weed

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    Where I'm from, Pine taste/smell is usually a bad thing... just reminds me of redbud, or some really low grade mids.
  7. socialistpete

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    Agreed, I'm from a small city and the only way to get any good bud is if you grow your own.
  8. twoguysupnorth

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    i dont think i would agree that growing around pines would affect the taste/smell of the plant. just my oppinion though. when we used to get that in our area, it was real good smoke, though i dont know the strain.
  9. TheGanjaKing420

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    I remember getting several sacks of killer buds that tasted and smelled like pine. I have no idea what kind it was though. Isn't Train Wreck supposed to smell piney? or is is Sour Diesel?
  10. Narf!

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    I love Pine Bud. Hashy tasting. My friends and I always called it Green Bud. Grown indoors in the Green Mountians of Vermont. Smoke a bowl and watch the legs on a stool in your house dance! Its the kinda weed that makes you hear shit. Laughing your ass off with friends and then "OH SHIT IS THAT COPS BANGING AT THE DOOR" weed. Very Psychadelic. I suspect that it was a sativa pheno Northern Lights.

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