Techniques for preparing soil

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    For you outdoor growers planting in overgrown soil such as in the woods or just crappy soil in general, this site tells you how to prepare soil so that it is real nice for your next grow season!

    Techniques for Preparing Soils
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    Not to rain on your parade, but the link you provided goes to nothing but an ad page.
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    That is because you bumped a 26-month-old post...:D
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    which totally would not happen if 26 month old threads with 1 post in them were locked/deleted.....
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    I realize this is an old thread, but it came up on my google search engine.

    I need some help in this area, I am prepping crappy soil for my overload of plants that are not going into controlled outdoor conditions(5/7 gal buckets).

    Any help/links would be much appreciated.
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    Soil Preperation

    First of all check your PH levels. Unless they are obscenely high or low don't worry about it. Outside is more forgiving than inside.

    This is the way I do it at my house. Dig your holes. Save 1/3 of the best looking topsoil. Get the rocks out of it. Dump the stuff from the bottom of the hole out. Go down at least two ft. Bigger is better. Fill up the hole with 1/3 Fox Farm Ocean Mix, 1/3 Sunshine #3, a cup of bloodmeal, and two cups of bonemeal. Mix it up, but not too much. Then add the 1/3 of the best topsoil that you saved. Mix it up again. If your soil is real junk use more FF and less topsoil.

    Water the hell out of it. Then plant your kids.
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    Thank you for the input, we finally had an early Spring here after countless years of going straight from Winter to Summer. One more month of the growing season was the best Easter present I could have gotten.

    I'm off to purchase the PH kit. I found Fox Farm products, had to track them online to a nursery about an hour away. I'm going to use that as starter soil for my clones.

    Thanks again,

    Happy Easter!
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    No need ferts. Save your $

    If you use a good soil mix (like FF) you should not need to fertilize for the first 2 or 3 months. All the goodies are there already. If you think you need some ferts in the early vegitative stage use some 14-14-14 time release. It is cheap, will not burn, covers all your plants needs, and you put it on and forget about it.

    Good Luck and I hope your ladies turn into huge trees.
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    Good news, PH=6.8. It turns out that the 100 acres or so I have available used to be farm land!.:thumbsup:
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    Then you, my friend, are shitting in tall cotton. :thumbsup:
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    I'm now the beneficiary of others' hard work(big time blessing, about 10 acres are straight loam soil)someone worked this land many years ago and left me some prime USDA soil.

    Hey Old,

    Do you have a means of contact other than AOL IM?(I would have to install that). Was hoping to share a bit of interesting news I found out without 500 people reading it:D. I know I'm already a member of the Vet group here, but still am unable to PM you.

    Best regards.

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    This May Work.

    Look in your User CP. Let me know if this works.

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