Telling Your Doctor About Marijuana Use?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by meatw4d, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. meatw4d

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    When you go to the doctor, they ask things like "Do you drink alcohol?" "Do you smoke?" "Do you use drugs?" etc... Today I had to go in because I've got a really bad sore throat (turned out to be strep). When I checked in, they had me sign a form that allows the insurance company to see my medical results and stuff. If I tell the doctor that I use marijuana recreationally, would the insurance see that and void my coverage or anything??

  2. texas grass

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    most likely yes they would deny you

    smoking weed is illegal so it gives them grounds to do that

    insurance is a business, if they had to pay for everything they would not be in business so they find any reason to deny you to save them a penny literally
  3. stinkyattic

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    This is something that saddens me deeply about the US health care system- it is so deeply in bed with the insurance companies that the actual needs of the patients end up being at odds with insurance policies in cases like this.

    I told my shrink. She hemmed and hawwed (she had put me on Celexa and was trying to get me on a second med to take care of the side effects when I put my foot down and refused to take a pill to counteract another pill.. wtf!) but didn't grouch at me over it. I'm not in a medical state so she can't prescribe MMJ for my anxiety, but she also won't tell me NOT to take it.

    I think it's important that your doctor knows your whole health picture. Freaking insurance companies making that a risk to the patient! Grr...
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    do you suppose you could tell your Dr, and request that it doesn't go on your record? i know you can ask to see your medical records and if you don't like whats on it, i suppose you could argue or have it removed?? i mean they are YOUR records right?
  5. Funkthatbadunk

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    I've always thought records were strictly confidential between you and your doctor? If not, I'm sure you can ask them to be.
  6. meatw4d

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    Well this time I lied and told him that I don't do any drugs. Maybe I'll call another doctor's office anonymously and see what they say about confidentiality.

    I'm glad that this time it didn't really matter. I've taken two anti-biotic pills today and I feel 10x better already! I might actually sleep all the way through the night for the first time this week.

    I'm afraid I might have given one of my roommates strep though :(

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