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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by knowledge, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I know the ideal temp is about 80 degrees, but should you use a higher temp if using co2. And if so what would anyone suggest. I have read somewhere that 90 degrees is acceptable with co2.
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    Zandor knows...I think it's in the 90's ,at least 90 but I think it might even be a little higher.But wait for Zandor.
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    I think he said that, you're not supposed to go much higher than 90.. 92 at tops!:)

    He's vacating right now, so you're probably going to wait for a couple of days before you get an answer!:)
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    The ideal temp when using co2 is 85F and co2's ppm = nutrients' ppm is recomended by most pros. For instance; this week you feed your plants at 1200 ppm of nutrients solution, you apply 1200 ppm of co2 and so on...
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    good to see you cnd411...some mention'd Z...he says 88 degrees, anyway it is in the upper 80's, like mentioned above.lw
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    I use CO2 at 1500 ppm and my temps run between 85 and 90F. Rarely does it hit 90 but it does occasionally. The thing to remember with CO2 is that everything is accelerated. i.e. water absorbtion, nutrient intake, growth, etc.

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    Good stuff, thanks.
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    Thanks latewood, how have you been doing?
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    :stoned: This is the info that zandor gave me hope it helps as ive just started using co2 and it is the shit mate ,the way to go:stoned: the chart at the bottom will help:stoned:

    There is not one real answer to your question. There are many variables to consider. If you are using enhanced CO² then you need higher temperatures then if you don't. Example: Running CO² you need temperatures around 88f up to even 94f to help the plant absorb the extra CO² and transpire.

    With out CO² 78 works best until the last month of flower then you can kick it up to 82-85f so they transpire more and produce more resin by volume.

    In a perfect environment the temperature changes with each cycle the plant enters and exits. It's all about controlling the environment.

    I have not even talked about humidity.

    Sorry but there is no real answer only a range to consider.

    If you go cheap you grow cheap. - Me

    Q So then what's too hot

    A. over 99f for longer then 30 min is to hot. Keep it under 92f for all times and you are safe. There are strains that can still turn hermie at that temperature so watch for those signs and have some reverse on hand just in case.

    so zandor if i am having problems with temp and my temp is 90 then instead of trying to get that temp down i could just get a co2 bottle and i would be ok as my dad has a pup and i have acsess to loads of co2 bottles are they ok to use,this would help me greatly as its cold were im from and the only way is to have a hot temp as there is other forces at work in the place were my grow room is,and if that is the case then please let me know
    zandor or indeed anyone else whom is knowledgeble in this subject,thanks and sorry for hijacking your thread moby

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    Here is a caculator to help you figure how long it needs to run every few hours to start. A controller is really the way to go it will save the gas and be better for the plant. But you can use a timmer and guess too, it's better then not having it.

    :stoned: the chart is top mate hope all this helps and best of luck with the grow:stoned:

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