Temperatures?? Too cold for bud? to cold for Veg?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by J-dubb206, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. J-dubb206

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    Currently i have 2 seperate rooms in my garage. One for bud one for veg. I only have one space heater for it all and due to it being so cold this winter (29F-50F) i believe my flower room is not showing optimal results. I currently have my space heater in my veg room and keep it at 70F. I would like to move my heater over to my bud room but am worried about the cold weather killing or somehow damaging my veging ladies. I have tried to search but all i can find is temperatures it is supposed to be at, not what will happen if the temperature is lower then ideal. Would it be okay for my veg plants to be in the cold? Also my bud room has been budding since christmas. The plant below is the one that has shown the most change since i have moved them.

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  2. J-dubb206

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    Also just realized i put this in the wrong section
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    Heat both rooms with one heater.. Cut a 6 inch hole round.. Backdraft damper on the flower side of the wall.. Then add an axil fan.. 4 inch... Blowing into the flowering room.
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  4. J-dubb206

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    I wish but that is not an option at the moment. Is it bad to have my veg in the cold?
  5. GaGrown

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    Other than another heater ,My Brother... IDK... I tried..
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  6. DrGr33nthum

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    from what ive been told is the lower temperatures causes some kind of chemical change and causes the plant to turn purple during flower, it looks like yours is turning a little purple should be ok as long as the plants look healthy
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  7. mickrick

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    you need to keep ya roots warm if possible the purple ya see in the pic could be Phosphorus being locked out from cooler temps.you'll also get really slow growth as well in the cold.don't think they will die or owt just stunted growth..imo

    have you a heated prop or heat mats to put under the pots in veg..take it ya not using hid lights cos they would warm ya room left on 24/7..just a thought man gluck..
  8. Faultline

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    This is the time of year my plants turn purple because of the drop in temperature. Although there is a very slight slowdown in growth, my plants don't have a problem with temps in the 50's.
  9. williboy

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    Some varieties do better than others while growing in the cool. 75-80 degrees F, 25-30 degrees C is the range of temps that Most cannabis thrives best at.
  10. thermite

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    I was also wondering about temps. I've got my lights on 18/6 right now and the temp got down to 15.6 c last night during lights out. It get's up to 24-25c during the 18 hours of light though. Is that too cold during the dark period? Obviously, outside at night temps drop low as well.
  11. PhatJay

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    I have known plants to refuse to go into flower under 12/12 because of cold. Happened to a friend of mine who was trying to grow in a shed during winter, six weeks of 12/12 and they just sat in veg state.
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  12. indicasativa2784

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    Flowering is triggered by a hormone that causes a chemical reaction within the Cannabis plant. Switching the light cycle to 12 hrs of day and 12 hrs of night allows that hormone to build up enough to cause the chemical reaction that starts the flowering phase. The shed he was growing in probably had a light leak added to the other stressors. I'm sure he had other problems too with the grow.

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