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    I heard someone talking about there being a law in the works to getting medical marijuana legalized. He didn't seem to know too many technical terms which would've been helpful. However, I live in TN, and I find it hard to believe that there may be considerations in this particular state. I'm very happy to hear such news, but would like to know if anyone else has heard anything about this, and when will it be on the ballot (so i make sure i dont miss out)
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    Medical Marijuana in TN?

    A Nashville representative, introduced a bill, for consideration. Don't hold your breath, on it.

    However, the Nashville Tennessean newspaper in an editorial did speak in favor of the bill. It's a small step.
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    Yeh im in tennessee too, but i dont see any medical marijuana coming our way in the near future.
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    Nashville Tennessean Newspaper Editorial Opinion

    Marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in 12 states. Even many of its detractors acknowledge some of its benefits in easing suffering. But opposition to legalizing the use of the drug to help seriously ill patients find comfort seems to dwell more on the stigma associated with marijuana than anything else. Arguments against medical marijuana dwell frequently on what is heard about the drug's use elsewhere, frequently using California as an example, with tales of marijuana becoming a storefront for drug business or that use of the drug gets out of hand.
    Regardless of what happens in California or any other state, this is Tennessee, and if the state cannot effectively administer a drug under carefully drawn regulations, that's a reflection on this state, not another. Pharmaceutical painkillers are often obtained illegally and abused, but that's no reason to prohibit the prescription use of painkillers. Marijuana should be no different.
    Arguments based on fear
    Legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is not an automatic precursor to rampant drug activity. Arguments against medical marijuana seem based more on fear and exaggeration than the logic of reducing suffering. Marijuana isn't nearly as risky as the objections make it sound.
    The marijuana issue came up last year in the legislature. A House subcommittee approved the bill, but the measure did not get out of a Senate committee. The issue should be brought back. Testimony in the recent legislative hearing suggested that marijuana is not as preferable as some synthetic drugs available. But it is always pertinent to ask about the cost of other drugs, and people respond in different ways to different treatments.
    Opposition to medicinal marijuana is making the issue far more complicated than it should be. It is a substance that can be grown naturally and can bring some relief to people who desperately need it. It makes little sense for it to be illegal when used strictly for medical purposes.
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    Right on brother!

  6. 420freedme

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    Im in nash vegas.

    I luv it here. So dry....lol

    if the tn st reps i get high vote yes? we will have med mj soon, but theyre hypocrits. So dont hold your breath was the best advice. imho
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  7. 420freedme

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    as life would have it, i recieved a call from a lobbiest friend ive. i was told that the funding was in place to activly seek med mj in TN!!! the lobbiest is to lead the charge and the feeling is good. i was offered a paying job, ewww, to talk about my lifes woes and how mj keeps me from pills, prison, and welfare w/o helping terrorist fund bombings. i cant wait. asap i will give all the info to help make TN at least into med mj.

    stokedin TN
  8. lostin

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    sounds nice 420freedme... it's good to hear that progress is being made all around the country. stay healthy man!
  9. dylan

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    Unfortunatly, a lawyer I spoke with the other day, who has helped with this proposal, said that the cause has lost alot of steam since the federal ruling in Cali.
  10. pradinge80

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    this would be great i used to live on the nc tn border line.... damnit but hey whenever i go back im sure it will never be dry now and hopefully if i do move back ill move west of the border and into tennessee but im stoned
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    The states enacting legislation is great and all, I am in Cali. Take it from me though, it's not really that big of deal since the fed gustapo can still come in at any time and WILL, I am sure even now they lurk in this forum. It's soooooo funny that in the debates all the candidates want to leave abortion up to the states to decide even if the supreme court overturns Roe vs. Wade, there's no money in it for the fed either way. But whoa! Don't f around with their cheeze, they don't feel the same way about MMJ. Even if the citizens overwhelmingly support it, the fed feels that they are not smart enough to make that decision and DO NOT support states rights. Again, it's all about the fackin' dollars man. All about the dollars. Too many people have a vested intrest in keeping it criminalized. Good luck though, heard that state legislature members in Kansas were about to introduce a bill as well, not that it would pass, but it's a start. Look at New Mexico, what is the fed going to do about that.
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    I'm not gonna go out sellin or anything if it's legalized, but if I can grow just a couple plants without worrying about the cops showing up and just smoke it all myself and with a couple friends, that'd be great.
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    If any of you decide to become activists, or know activists, please feel free to use the post in the link below. It is about 50 pages of URLs of studies on the many medical uses of cannabis. Only a few are from "questionable" sources- most are from "respectable" medical sites. Go take a peek at it, then figure out who needs it. After going through the first 10 pages, any sane person will be asking "Why isn't this legal? Why haven't I heard about this before? and Where can I get some?"- Granny:hippy:
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    Im going to help the lobbiest out this week sometime and i will post what i am allowed. till then i got my fingers crossed, but at the same time know it will have NO effect on my life decisions:) Im a pot head of 28yrs, and a pot head i will be the day I die.
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    Jan 27th O8 TN session begins and I should have url to site for MMJ in TN.

    I talked w/the lobbiest and was a lil disapointed, but still glad, about the time frame on just getting a vote on it. Being an election yr henders this even more. I also found out it is the religous right putting up all the hurdles they can.

    Ill post more at the end of the month.

    Have a grrreat new yr.
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  16. 420freedme

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    tn is on their agenda:) i know that the angle is not going to be on helping poor sick ppl, but money. here in the south the real god is money, so this has a chance. visit the site above and be a voice.

    marijuana peoples project

    just saying;)
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  17. MJforTN

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    So is TN on the way to becoming a MMJ state?? I think Cannabis should be legal everywhere!! So whats the news???
  18. MJforTN

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    K so just got an email from the NORML Chapter in TN... They pretty much said that Medical Marijuana should be LEGAL within the next 2-3 yrs... It is a pain staking process that will only come with either what we are at now, or Medical Marijuana will be LEGAL... Just givin the scoop!
  19. Datrebor

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    I have heard about MMJ in TN although I am not holding my breath I hope it does pass. I have 2 ruptured disk in my middle and upper back and 3 bulging disk in my upper back. I found this site if you want to take action on this.
    Take Action
  20. Old Post- 2- 3 years medicinal will be legal huh? They missed that target.....

    I went to a Normal meeting yesterday, there seem to be only a few activists that have been at it for years - they are looking for fresh blood- so any of you from the Volunteer state ready to pony up?

    I have been doing research all morning about some things that bother me, one of them is our prison's and felony convictions, we were listed as the number one most dangerous state this morning and 2 weeks ago listed as the most corrupt state, based on convictions over the last 11 years of public officials, and listed as the state where the most cannabis plants are eradicated per year,....maybe this is why this has gone no where?

    I have lived here in Tennessee pretty much most of my life, this state is less corrupt than when I was a child ( see they convicted em all over the last 10 years). When I was a child it was good ole boys out in the woods growing dope - people knew where thier pot came from, people smoked pot, drank beer and generally had a good time, there were no guns involved the murder rates were lower than surrounding states and most of the people I hung around with appreciated the 'freedoms' we had here. As time has gone on though things have changed, as thy always do. But now the good ole boys are not the ones growing in our woods and on our federal lands. The people growing there now don't speak english and chase people with planes and leave the land boobytrapped - bear traps, punji sticks and rifles set to shoot at knee level.

    This is just my opinion - you buy weed in Tennessee and don't who it comes from? You are feeding the cartels that have taken over our land - you are feeding the death tolls of Ecuador, costa Rica and Brazil where the homicide rate was higher last year than the death toll in Iraq, Afghanastan and Sudan ( UN report 2013), you are encouraging the poisoning of people with the pestacides that were outlawed in the US decades ago and you are part of the PROBLEM!

    You want weed to be legal in Tennesse - get your ass off the couch and start doing something- there is a small community that has been fighting for YOUR rights for near 20 years, and yes some of them have served time, while you complain that there is no laws changed here. What can you do? show up at a Normal Meeting, get your ass on the street and get signatures, Blog about it, research about it, ask your physician about it, write letters to the editors, quit being quiet, this is why we are corrupt...

    You are Tennesseans- the land of volunteers - quit talking about it and do something - join us....

    < didn't mean to piss anyone off - this thread pissed me off tho>
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