Terminator Gold 60 for high toxic levels

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mrcl0wn, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Well, i'm not exactly sure how everyone else's body chemistry is, i'm sure this stuff works the best on people with fast metabolisms. terminator gold has a money back guarantee.

    but my sister has passed 2 different drug tests using this stuff, even when the first pee came back as too diluted, she had to pee again and still passed.

    i can't speak for her, i don't know how long she stopped use of toxins before the test, or what she had to eat or what not, but i will tell you what worked for me.

    k, well i wake up in the morning and do my morning puffs of some of my hundred a quarter. and next thing i know i am getting a phone call from a potential employer that he would like to have me come in for an interview that day.

    keep in mind, i didn't do any pre-flushing, i didn't eat any foods, or drink much up till the time before the piss test.

    so i start to decend to the location, smoke on the way there (gotta stay high every couple of hours right :Rasta: )
    and finally get there to go in and fill out a bunch of paperwork. then i finish all that, and the dreaded words of, "well, now your job relies on you passing a drug screening, which you will be taking right now." so i drove to a local headshead and bought terminator gold 60,

    i followed the instructions, drink down that nasty tasting shit, go drink a bottle of water...wait an hour, go pee about 2-3 times...and then drink some more water.

    so i did that...then drove to the clinic where i was to take my test to find i had a good 13 person wait ahead of me. So i'm sitting there for like 20 min having to pee the whole time, and i couldn't hold it so i went and pee'd again. and then return to the clinic with not having to pee. i sit and wait another 20 min, still not feeling any pee coming on. I start to think oh great, the longer this liquid sits my in stomach, the more of a chance that THC fat cell is going to enter my piss stream.

    Well, it was finally my turn, it didn't feel like i had to pee, but when i pushed it out, a shit ton came out. i pissed from beginning stream to almost end stream in the cup.

    and well .. lets just say i am now happily working at a very nice job.

    so, i'm not sure what it is with me, but i am a super heavy smoker, i grow my own plants with 15-20% thc content, so its not weak shit at all, i smoked every day of every hour basically the weeks and weeks before, and smoked the morning the day of my test, and on the way to my interview.

    thats my 2 cents...go get some terminator gold 60 .. cuz if i can pass a test when i smoke that much.. i think people who can actually quit for a couple of weeks this stuff will work for you :Rasta:
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    Hm, as much as i'd like to believe in your method because it would be awesome to have a detox drink that's 100% effective... I don't. Your method of passing a drug test is simply the dilution method recycled. Water more than likely helped you pass your test.
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    ya your right. i suppose you could do it with any liquid. i remember one time before when i was 16, i had a job interview for a shit job, and i didn't care whether i passed a test or not. i smoked right before the test, and all i did was chug 2 minute maid lemonaide's right before my test, and somehow i passed. i'm guessing my piss was just completely diluted with what i just drank?

    i personally think if you have a high metabolism , and you drink an ass ton of whatever before your test, you will pass.

    thats just me thought...i'm no scientist ,, just stating what worked for me.!
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    Are you counting the negative dilute as one of the two times she passed with it?

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