test soon...need advice on temp. guage

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by skellatals4hire, Aug 29, 2007.

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    on a court ordered lab test they have a temp. guage... i need to kno if it maintains the same temp as when the urine is first placed in the cup or if the temp on the cup will drop with the urine samples tempature....i need to kno bcuz i used the substitution method and it came up too cold last time and im gonna use a handwarmer used for skiing this time but i wanna make sure if it comes up too hot that i can let it cool down to the right temp. .....also i need to explain the invalid testby sayin that i waited too long to come out of the bathroom but if the strip maintains temp. they will kno i lied and i will be heavily fucked... so if anyone could just let me kno if the lab cup maintains temp. or adheres to the urines tempature? it would be highly appreciated because i need to take another screen in the next few days and if the temp. comes up wrong again they are gonna kno ive been fucking around with it and as i previously stated i will be massively fucked......thanks for ur help
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    The temp strip changes with the temp of the urine.I took a regular under the tongue digital thermometer in with me to make sure the temp was right.

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