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    I've got a eCup test coming up tomorrow. I will have been clean for 23 days and want to get your opinion on whether I should go with substitution or dilution.

    My first instinct is both, in case something goes wrong (temp isn't right, etc.). However, the only person I know I can get a clean sample from is my pregnant wife. I'm hesitant to use her sample, not because she's pregnant or she's a female, but that I've read pregnant women have much lower creatine (or creatinine) levels than normal. I've been taking a creatine supplement since yesterday, but don't want to have her take any (it's really too late anyway from what I understand). And I've never subbed before, so it makes me nervous as hell.

    I've got temp strips and am getting a bottle today to use for subbing, but would feel so much better if I could be confident in diluting. Check my results in the attachment and let me know what you think. I know a line is a line is a line, but if the attendant has poor eyesight, they might not see this line. This comes from my first void of the morning. I plan on testing my dilution method (as per the sticky, minus the aspirin, plus the gatorade) and re-test. If it comes up neg, should I be okay? The test is at a doctor's office, not a corporate lab like Quest (I don't know if that makes a difference).

    Gotta get this job. I sincerely appreciate any help you all can offer. Thank you, this board has a huge amount of helpful information.

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    I understand your fear about the faint line. I myself have also wondered the same thing about the tech that's testing the sample and their ability to recognize a line. But immunoassay tests, home or lab do not calculate quantitative values. They only produce a positive or negative test result, so faintness shouldn't be a factor.

    As far as the creatine levels in pregnant women.. I'm not for sure on this, but I'm sure one of our other experts will help you. I could really see you going either way on this one. I saw a faint line on your test result, so I'm gonna say that a light dilution would be sufficient for you to pass.
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    Thanks for the reassurance. I'm going to take my last at-home test on my last void before I leave, just to make sure, but I think I'll be fine.

    Here is the source I read for lower Creatinine levels in pregnant women (as well as those with low muscle mass, although I don't know how that's considered).

    Drinking up now; I'll let you all know how it's goes!
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    Well, I followed the directions for dilution to a T, and gave them a fresh, yellow sample. I tested it before I left and had a very solid line, not faint in the least. I'm assuming it's all good, but going to wait to smoke for a few days just in case.
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    Definitely wait. If you fail you may be able to appeal for a second test. These things are not infallible. If you wait you will definitely pass the second test.
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    Doh, wasn't clear in my last post. By "not faint in the least", I meant that the line was dark and super solid. :) I've got a good feeling. Thanks for the thoughts tho'.
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    I know this post is crazy old, but I'd like to let everyone know I passed and have been working at my new job for over a year. I followed the dilution method (as per the sticky, minus the aspirin, plus the gatorade). I can't thank you enough for all your help and the tremendous amount of useful, rational, and intelligent advice on this board.

    Thank you again.
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