testing CBD and THC???????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by WashougalWonder, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    How, where, how much $$$
  2. gypski

    gypski Registered+

    The feds don't allow anyone but their assigned entities to do it, and even they aren't allowed. :D
  3. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    If you are in Ca then it is easy. There are several dispensaries that provide testing. You need to give about 2 grams and I think the price was between 100 and 200 dollars. If you are not in CA the I don't know what you can do.
  4. stuweed224

    stuweed224 Registered+

    What type of testing? GC/MS? If you could point me to one you know tests I'd like to ring them.
  5. snowking

    snowking Registered

    Full Spectrum Laboratories

    Currently $120 a test.

    Located in Denver, CO. go check out their FAQ. Looks like they will do it thru Fed-Ex, but you still have to be a legal MMJ patient to do it.
  6. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Just remember you are really breaking Federal law shipping across state lines.
  7. DanTheHydroMan

    DanTheHydroMan Registered+

    Google cannalyse
    new home test kit on the market
  8. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    send me an 1/8th and i'll test the best way.:Rasta:
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  9. Goober328

    Goober328 Registered+

    Yes OK I can test it for you but I will need half a pound. Thanks the tip on the home test kit. Going Googling as we speak.


  10. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    Most testing places use GC and that's pretty inaccurate. Good luck finding a reliable HPLC testing machine here in the USA that can be used for accurate analysis, legally, for cannabinoid content testing.
  11. rickindnvr

    rickindnvr Registered+

    CBD and THC testing

    For an inexpensive alternative to lab testing, check out Cannalytics Supply
  12. wb1996

    wb1996 Registered+

    I am from Colorado and we have at least 3 reputable testing centers in Colorado, mainly in Denver area. I was all about testing for a while and my buddy who grows decided to get his strains tested from full spectrum labs in Denver with some impressive results. I started to see some super high T.H.C levels( btw. 21% to up too 28% ) and I started to doubt these tests. A few months ago I saw an article in a local mmj mag. talking about testing and so I checked it out. They took a strain and took 3 samples from the same plant to the diff. Testing centers to compare the results. Full spectrum tested at 29% thc and the lowest levels where around ten percent less thc than the leader. Each company uses diff. Testing equipment and methods so that can explain the results, but it leaves a lot of doubt in my mind. We need to find the most accurate testing method and stick to that proven method to give it some sort of level playing field to test from! I have found that some strains I smoked did not test over 20% but got me way higher that a similar type strain( indica, sativa,etc..) that tested at 28% thc and they had similar cannabanoid content(cbd,cbn,thc-v). I think the science is on the right track, but still missing something! I would try herbal synergy out of Colorado to do a test. I think they tend to be a little more accurate!
  13. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    That method would be HPLC. Everyone else using GC is using a destructive analysis. HPLC is nowhere near as destructive and thus the results are far superior.

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