Testing THC Levels

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Stoned_Friend, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    Bud buster with keif screen
    and weed
    Common sense

    Gram test
    1. scale an amount of weed in(1 Gram is what Im testing in)
    2. Take Bud and put it in buster with keif screen and start busting up.
    3.when down take raw bud out and weight it in.
    4.mark down what its weights in too
    5.take keif(thc crystals) and weight it in on scale.

    ex if your raw bud weights in too .8 and your keif weights in too .2 your thc levels in your bud are around 20% thc
  2. Brett1038

    Brett1038 Registered+

    ? are you sure about this chief? :wtf:
  3. one.stoned.wookie

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    uhm your just weighing the trichomes...inside the capitate stalks and bulbus heads of the trichome is where the thc,cbd,cbn is found so its not all thc just proves its about 20% trichome yeild..i have no clue on how they find thc% but i know the thc is inside of the bulbus heads of the trichomes
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  4. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    well i guess its a start to finding thc levels
  5. Setzer12

    Setzer12 Registered+

    Yea I'm not so sure it sounds somewhat reasonable but I dunno if thats necessarily measure thc content.
  6. there's no way you can measure thc levels with weight.. atleast not without some pretty scientific equipment (if you could even do it that way)
  7. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    it is a way with out having to be a scientist and its it a resonible guestamit, u have to admit that
  8. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    No it's not. You're just weighing trichomes.

    There's still some thc in the plant matter.
  9. Matt the Funk

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  10. aziz93

    aziz93 Registered+

    hate to say it but i think you was missing your last material on this test.

    i would say that, that keif is only at max 90% thc anyways.< not sure. but yeah it is deffenitly not telling you the thc level. when you smoked the busted up bud i bet you got high. just my 2cents
  11. KL4D4

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    Hopefully you aren't serious
  12. jessem98

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    Dude, relax, he could be new to this. What would you think if someone laughed at you like that? Give him some credit for trying something new... :thumbsup:

    Anyways a lot of people are right (the ones who said it), the trichomes contain more then just thc. You see potency is not necessarily for the amount of trichomes, it's the individual trichome that needs to be tested to find out if the sample is potent or not.

    This thread however has sparked up a hint of interest with me though, i never did read up on how you test potency of thc in a sample so i think i will do that now. :Rasta:
  13. Leo_420

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    I can't remeber where I saw it but there was a chemical potency test kit online some time ago. that would be the only true test of potency
  14. conch420

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  15. jessem98

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    I am reading this article Medical Cannabis Potency Testing Project - Autumn 1999

    and it appears that THC percentage is determined by a "standard methanol extraction technique" :thumbsup:

    On another note, they detected 28 percent CBD in one sample, the runner up had 5 percent CBD. What's up with that? :wtf:
  16. 420purplehaze420

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    think shit through before you post stoner friend, little bits of plant matter still get through, plus you lose some on the surface of the grinder, and keif has barely any weight to it, not to mention that weight has nothing to do with potency, you would need a fully stocked lab and 8 years in university before you will come up with accurate results

    but uh...nice try there skipper
  17. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    no need for hating
  18. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I don't think so. THC levels means the percentage of the potency is measured. Average THC levels last time I checked of buds was tested at 7-15% and that doesn't even include the other cannabinoids that are produced, so how could you possibly figure your bud has 20% of THC? That type of thing takes a lot of work and tools that you probably can't afford to run THC level tests..Bad mistake coming on here trying to start off being cool. We don't care rather you're cool or not but you honestly just made a fool of your self.
  19. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    o sry i thought thc cystal meant pure and read on the top must need common sense something most of u dont seem to have.
  20. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    Different strains produce different potency. I think the higher the CBD the stronger indica plant it is.

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