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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by johngrady, Mar 23, 2007.

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    hello. i'm new here and have found this site and its membership to be extremely helpful....i had a pre-employment screening this past tuesday at quest diagnostic and i have several questions i'm hoping someone can help me out with.
    1) i was clean for about 44 days prior to my test, but have a real slow metabolism. i took a home screen and it showed me as negative, but i wasn't super sure that it was 100% accurate. i decided to take a stat royal flush cleanser drink as an insurance policy. do drug tests check for these type of products?
    2) how long will results take to come back? its been 3 days now and no news is good news since i doubt they will contact me to tell me my results were negative and i so want to smoke today but am (stupidly) worried about a positive result at which point i need to start a new job search, or if not that an inconclusive or altered result due to taking the stat royal flush drink.
    3) the test performed according to my paperwork is the "6405N SAP 5-50 GC/M3".....i know the 5-50 means 5 drugs with 50 NG as a cutoff level, but does anyone know what other information is provided in this test?

    i can't thank anyone who replies enough for whatever information they can help me with. this is a great job and one i really want, so if it seems i'm over worried about this stuff it isn't without reason. i wish i had found this site before taking the test. what a great resource. thanks to all in advance.
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    do NOT start smoking again until 5-7 days have passed.

    I dunno what the sap was on the test, but the gc is gas chromatography.

    It's REALLY accurate.

    The royal flush I tihnk is just oregano.... check the label.
    Active ingredient: water

    so, you blew $$ on the roy. flush.

    But you should still be clean at 44 days as long as you had a little water before going in.

    if you have failed, they will call the medical review officer (MRO) and he'll call you and try to get a confession. Never, ever confess. Ever. Insist that they must have screwed up and mixed your pee with someone elses or left bits of someone elses pee in the tubes without cleaning them... something.

    But don't smoke again for about 2 weeks.
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    the royal flush $hit is indeed just a bunch of vitamins etc, i went back to the store i got it in and checked the ingrediants. i called the testing facility and they told me that the results were sent out on the 21st. today being the 23rd i'm pretty sure that if they were positive, i would have been contacted by now. just wish there was some sort of way to be sure of this stuff.
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    ok, just to share with folks who might be in a similar situation as mine....i took a test on tuesday 3/20 and was 99.9% sure i was clean. i had stopped for at least a month and a half before hand (see above for details) but also took a product called stat royal flush which it turns out is a bunch of vitamins that are essentially useless..... i wanted to make sure the results were negative so i called the facility who i took the test with who in turn referred me to a MRO (medical review office) who i called. the MRO told me the results were in as of wednsday 3/21 and referred me to the 3rd party administrator my employer uses (a company called medcor) that they were sent to. i called the 3rd party and they told me the results were sent to the employer and that there was no problem with them. i'm just a worry wart, and i want to have a good weekend.....it has been SO freaking long, this is going to be sweet. so to anyone in my situation, chase down the results they are out there for you.

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