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Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by onwardthroughthefog, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    Just wondered if we could do a roll call of who's actually frequenting our local group and what part of the state we're located. I'll start.....

    Plano/Frisco area

  2. pastor420

    pastor420 Registered+

  3. moetsukiru

    moetsukiru Registered

    Southwest Houston, galleria area
  4. fanclerks

    fanclerks Registered

    Mid-cities DFW area
  5. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Howdy onward,

    Here I be..west of Fort Worth:D

    Say..I don't think it's possible to set our local forum anymore,I logged in one day and the Texas forum was no longer set at the top of the main page,now I have to scroll down and find Texas..am I just missing how to set the forum ? Heck..I can't remember how I did it before ! lol

    Have a good one ! :stoned: :D
  6. thcbuz

    thcbuz Registered+

    east of dallas here. I tried to reset mu state hearder the other day and it won't take so we gotta find texas the hard way.see ya in the funny papers
  7. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    Frisco/Plano here, too!
  8. El Digital

    El Digital Registered+

    houston.. humble area.
  9. Bubbleman

    Bubbleman Registered+

    Im in houston, always looking for new smoking buddies, go out and get coffee, anything. :Rasta:
  10. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    Still here...just a little quieter. :)

    Oh yeah...D/FW!!
  11. SomeGuy

    SomeGuy Registered+

  12. wish bone

    wish bone Registered

    S.W.Missery here, OK I cheated....
  13. moetsukiru

    moetsukiru Registered

    Do you have AIM or yahoo messenger?
  14. killasmokefromTX

    killasmokefromTX Registered

    I lived in San Marcos, Texas State All the way baby!!!!! Talk about a stoner town......... I recently moved to Iowa and let me tell you.... I FUCKING HATE IOWA... Nobody smokes here, GD Methheads... I miss TX
  15. crm114

    crm114 Registered

    South Austin
  16. dobiepaq

    dobiepaq Registered+

    Beaumont-Orange area
  17. good news bug

    good news bug Registered

    North Austin.
  18. pbzeppelin90

    pbzeppelin90 Registered+


    can't complain
  19. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    Come on back to Texas. We have plenty of room for you.:thumbsup:

    Why did you move to Iowa, of all places? All they got up there is corn and porn!!!

    I know we have more people on our local forum, since I correspond with several. Looks like it's time for a happy hour at thcbuz's house!!! I'll bring the guacamole. I like to mix guacamole with swiss cheese. I call it holey moley.:stoned:

    Have a great evening everyone.
  20. killasmokefromTX

    killasmokefromTX Registered

    I had to follow my g/f to Medical school in Des Moines, I had to choose between her and smoking weed everyday in TX ... As soon as I find it though, I'm back on the saddle..... With a vengeance..

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