Texas Roll Call

Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by onwardthroughthefog, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. ech

    ech Registered

    princeton tx

    I'm a glass blower
  2. JeKo

    JeKo Banned

  3. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    how are you liking the weather here in ATX jeko ....nice and wet
  4. JeKo

    JeKo Banned

    better than the blistering 115 summer heat that is usually here by now
  5. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    haha exactly.......though all this humidity doesnt help either
  6. gr0ingCrack

    gr0ingCrack Registered

    Yo, i work in irving / las colinas also... work on walnut hill and MacArthur
  7. homestar

    homestar Registered+

    The rain in Austin these past 2 weeks have halted my jogging pattern and increased my smoke intake so today, even though it's pretty nice, I don't have the motivation to get up and out. Argh. But I'll probably drag my ass to Town Lake for a 4 mile tomorrow..............heheehe
  8. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    i know what you mean. i usually go mountain biking at walnut creek and its way too damn muddy to go out and get some excercise. so ill just sit around watching tv and smoking.
  9. wannabehippiegirl

    wannabehippiegirl Registered+

    southeast houston
    around clearlake area
  10. texas grass

    texas grass Registered+

  11. NOX1447

    NOX1447 Registered+

    ALLEN TX HERE! I spend some time in Denton my girl goes to UNT
  12. radiantly01

    radiantly01 Registered+

    Frisco here!

    Frisco, TX newbie- looking for people in the area to hang with
  13. texas grass

    texas grass Registered+

    West Houston
  14. DRO Boy Fresh

    DRO Boy Fresh Registered+

    Austin :smokin:
  15. DRO Boy Fresh

    DRO Boy Fresh Registered+

    Anybody live around Huntsville?? I go to school up there and need a connect!
  16. SeNsEmIlLa

    SeNsEmIlLa Registered+

    SETX or Golden Triangle.... I like to think of it as the arm pit of Texas... :jointsmile:
  17. holdingdownintexas

    holdingdownintexas Registered

    Smoking exotic all day

    well people if you want to smoke some dank exotic let me know some shit that will blow your mind so eihter just reply or hit me up at ace_nofear@yahoo.com
  18. mumblejumble

    mumblejumble Registered

    Richardson here (DFW):D
  19. dug

    dug Registered

    Wylie, TX - Just moved here

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