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Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by onwardthroughthefog, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    i love smoking and driving down south 360 towards mopac. one of the best drives around town.....that and occasionally the beef jerkey guy is out selling meat on the weekends, best damn beef jerkey
  2. Delta

    Delta Registered+

    Dude lets hit the river this weekend ! I have no plans and I will be extremely bored if I don't do something !:pimp:
  3. The Kidd

    The Kidd Registered+

    Lets go.. Dont know if you like kevin fowler but hes playin on sunday.. The river is kinda closed still there letting water out of the dam but the lake is still good :jointsmile:
  4. Delta

    Delta Registered+

    Yeah dude I heard of him he is cool . The river is closed ?? We can't go tubing ? Do you have instant messenger ?

    Ok i just called Abbotts on canyon lake and they said it was closed but she said in New Braunfels at Comel it is open and they are going tubing !
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  5. cnvii

    cnvii Registered

    Dallas here...Deep Ellum. Always looking to get out, see some live music or kick back and smoke with a good movie. Anybody into world soccer, horror movies, and bands like White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
  6. FluidS

    FluidS Registered+

    Plano/Allen anyone at quad C SCC?
  7. MadScot

    MadScot Registered

    Northwest Dallas/Denton county line. Big time soccer fan and player. GO SCOTLAND, OH AYE!!
  8. bhkjuggalotus

    bhkjuggalotus Registered

    Arlington, D/FW
  9. Bubbleman

    Bubbleman Registered+

    MMFCL bhkjuggalotus!
  10. kiduno

    kiduno Registered

    Arlington, Texas... Down from Philly.
  11. ijustloveweed

    ijustloveweed Registered+

    the woodlands, north of houston
  12. Texasstoner

    Texasstoner Registered

    magnolia, tx

    Living and loving in the best little town in Texas.
  13. bhkjuggalotus

    bhkjuggalotus Registered

    woop woop bubbleman
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  14. Bubbleman

    Bubbleman Registered+

    WOOP WOOOOOP, hit me up on aim ninja, i wanst there when you messaged me.
  15. jeepboi

    jeepboi Registered+

    North Dallas here
  16. metamora

    metamora Registered

    i am in south fort worth
  17. mingusdew

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  18. stringman

    stringman Registered

    Heya folks...

    san marcos here.

    I just moved here about three weeks ago and desperation has led me to search the internets...

    I've read the rules here, but at the risk of getting kicked out as soon as I get here I would very much love if some fellow San Marcos folks might holler at me...

    All the best and glad to be alive,
  19. yhelothar

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  20. OpenMindedTxn

    OpenMindedTxn Registered

    New to the Frisco Area

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