Texas Roll Call

Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by onwardthroughthefog, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. llamapunch

    llamapunch Registered

    Plano here...Been living here. Went to plano high and collin county community. You just gotta know people around here.
  2. beowulfgreen

    beowulfgreen Registered

    H-town - 713
    goin on 20 yrs here
  3. darkfro

    darkfro Registered

    Humble/Atascocita area for the past 4 yrs.
    Houstonian by birth.
  4. Doughboy04

    Doughboy04 Registered

  5. jamesia

    jamesia Registered+

    ATX!!! I've been trapped out of state for school and I can't wait til I graduate in June and get back home! Why'd I ever leave lol
  6. texas grass

    texas grass Registered+

    west houston here
  7. BongRips7

    BongRips7 Registered

    Hey everyone....i actually just moved to the dallas area(preston, close to plano) from chicago.
  8. gr0ingCrack

    gr0ingCrack Registered

    Once again DFW but moved from Arlington to GP
  9. GreenZero

    GreenZero Registered

    Denton - for school

    DFW - home

  10. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    Wow, things have changed. Any of the old crew still around? Any one up for a drink tomorrow or over the weekend?

    ...in the Dallas/Irving area..............
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  11. mackey33

    mackey33 Registered+

    It's cool to see this thread! I live in Oregon but lived in Dallas for almost 15 years. I've been in Oregon for less than a year and I'm already planning my move back to DFW! I hate it here.

    See you soon!
  12. yungnz06

    yungnz06 Registered

    Abilene, TX here..
  13. Cheebz

    Cheebz Registered

    Wow lots of texans here.

    I live in Pasadena/Deer Park area
  14. NorthHouston89

    NorthHouston89 Registered

    Spring/Woodlands Update

    100000 people spring/woodlands area and dry as hell :(
  15. paleshadoe

    paleshadoe Registered+

    another hello from the abilene texas area
  16. sheilovealways

    sheilovealways Registered+

    Houston has

    Houston has dro and what people around here call "regular", I call schwag. People talk about 'mids', and some of the local 'Mexi' has been known to be slightly 'nice', it still isn't what I am used to back in Georgia.

    So long as you have greenbacks you can get greenbuds.

    I've been mixing dro and 'regular' to make my own MIDS, it works.

    Growing season a bust - 5 survived the heat and 4 of them either morphed or were male. Heat stress way too much on my indica strains.

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  17. JoeKerr

    JoeKerr Registered

    North Texas...

    Close to sherman.

    i am in need of Dank. and dank connections...
    if anyone is close... and friendly... PLEASE HELP! :hippy:
  18. number41fool

    number41fool Registered

    Dallas, Highland Park ... new to town and super dry. I really miss Southern California
  19. Snootch

    Snootch Registered

    I'm in North Dallas (McKinney).

  20. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    reppin h-town

    cypress area/ tomball holdin it down!:smokin:

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