Texas Roll Call

Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by onwardthroughthefog, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. smokinsteph

    smokinsteph Registered

    New to the forum and noticed this thread. Also here in Houston, northwest Cypress area.
  2. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    ahhh finally some1 in my close-range locality!

    welcome, post in intro section, so everyone gets to know u, cuz this thread seems to be under radar
  3. gr0ingCrack

    gr0ingCrack Registered

    I had originally posted as Arlington but have moved one city over to GP
  4. phishlicious

    phishlicious Registered

    just got on the thread, and wanted to say whats up

    to all my Tx homies.
  5. 1time4yermind

    1time4yermind Registered

  6. mazzyy

    mazzyy Registered

    dallas here! outskirts of mesquite and balch springs. about 15 min away from downtown dallas. :thumbsup:
  7. deberry

    deberry Registered

    East Texas
  8. Cshuler

    Cshuler Registered

    Hey guys, Corpus Christi here. Just moved down here from the fort worth area and im just looking for some friends down here in C.C. Extremely tired of smoking alone, looking for some like minded people in the area. If anyone has room for me in there circle of stoners, im 19 fixing to be 20, and would like to chill with some cool people. Hit me up on here or here is my email Cshuler62@yahoo.com :jointsmile:
  9. hondoshot

    hondoshot Registered

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  10. kushkilla

    kushkilla Registered

    Chillin here in East Texas, bout to be moving to Marshall. Looking for some new connects and new people to hang out with. Any takers?!!? :hippy:
  11. Elecktrablue

    Elecktrablue Registered

    30 miles west of Fort Worth - Waaaaay out in the country!
  12. syndys

    syndys Registered

    Im from nw san antonio here
  13. serafinobet

    serafinobet Registered

    hi, im also from Frisco, Plano area! Being living here for about 9 months now. I moved from CA.

  14. serafinobet

    serafinobet Registered

    looking to get some... friends like minded individuals. I just moved to Plano/frisco from CA. Been here for about 9 months.

  15. quartsonlock

    quartsonlock Registered

    carrollton. lookin for buddys
  16. tntinc

    tntinc Registered

    hello yall, from the great state of texas

    all over the bright lights of north central texas. There ain't no place like it!:smokin:
  17. HigHAnneXities

    HigHAnneXities Registered+

    we still got Texas ppl here?

    just wondering who's in and who's out..

  18. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    Dallas is all over the boards, I know there are a few of us.
  19. 420budtx

    420budtx Registered

    im new here from south ft. worth. anyone else around me?
  20. HigHAnneXities

    HigHAnneXities Registered+

    work in S. Ft Worth...but live up closer to Denton

    yeah it's a commute lol

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