Texas set to ban CBD 4/16/18. Please help

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by TomSawyer2112, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Well. Today is the day. I’ll try to keep you guys posted.
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    I think at this point, our best options is supporting the CBD bill before the US congress. Mitch McConnel is even on board, and apparently, Trump decided to support marijuana legislation, not just CBD only bills.

    Most people just hope Trump doesn't change his mind on the issue. Of course, having President Trump on board is a huge feather in the hat's for people looking for federal legalization, but ultimately it has to get past Congress first. I don't want to guess the chances of that happening, but with the mid terms around the corner, it might be a way for incumbents to chum the waters for votes. Something that both Democrat and Republican congressmen and use to help their chances of being re-elected.
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    Although Texas seems to have a low bar for someone to get started in the CBD business, the conditions allowable under the legislation means that most likely, there is a very small number of people that would buy CBD products. No doubt for those with seizures, it's a godsend, but I would think Texas runs the risk of producing far more CBD than they could have a market for.
    At least until it's legalized at the federal level.

    It will still be taking 2 steps backward for Texas to outlaw CBD extracts.
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    I’m still searching today’s news to see what happened. So far no one has any information. So that’s why I’m finding other related stories in the news.o_O

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