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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by kfarrow, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. kfarrow

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    I'm wondering how accurate this calculator might be:

    Online THC Calculator

    According to this, I should be about 64 mg/nl this morning. Friday will be 14 days weeks since I last smoked.

    I'm hoping that I'll hear back about a particular job in the next day or two and, if I do, I know that I'll need to take a drug test immediately.

    I'm assuming that minimal dilution will drive this number below 50.

    Ideas? Thoughts?
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  2. me399unot

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    no way to really tell without you buying a home test kit for a few bucks a local drug store. Dont risk everything by believing in this calculator.
  3. killerweed420

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    Its not a bad calculator though. Just read the fine print at the top. Smoke 7 days straight and it says it takes about 3 weeks to get below 50ng. Probably fairly close for most people.
  4. suzieque

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    Thanks for the calculator.

    I'd seen it before, but lost the link. Bookmarked for sure!

    I'm the one that couldn't pass with any form of dilution at 14 days.. so its believable to me. I still think young and skinny folks will do better though.
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  5. BridgeHoops

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    Drug Test Detection Times Calculator

    For anyone interested in this sort of thing there is another drug test calculator/widget available at Drug Tests Direct which includes other drugs and sample types, in addition to THC.

    Thing is, since its the metabolises of THC that are measured when undertaking a screening test for marijuana the true detection times are dependant on your own metabolism, which can differ significantly between people.

    Best way is stay off the grass well ahead of time whenever possible and do a home test prior to the screen to put your mind at ease.
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