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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by stickystinkybud, May 10, 2009.

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    If you have to pay more, drive farther, or wait longer....don't go to the THC Clinic/Total Health Care Clinic/Clinic 420 in Bakersfield. Rudy, the guy who runs the show, is just incompetent. I have been there twice. Both times I was told the doctor was going to be an hour late. I signed in on the "sign in sheet" and was told to go get something to eat and come back in an hour. The doctor was actually two hours late. At the first visit the 50 some-odd people who were all given a 12:00pm appointment congregated outside the door. Since it was a professional complex there were suit and tie guys coming and going in the surrounding offices who were looking very concerned! Very bad for the Medicinal Marijuana cause IMHO. Once the doctor arrived, they were moving people in and out of that office so fast it was scary. He speaks very broken English and went through the paperwork so fast that you couldn't possibly grasp what he was saying. The questions that I did get him to answer made me realize that he doesn't have a clue, and doesn't really care. He only cares about getting people in and out of the office as quickly as possible. On my next visit it was the same scenario pretty much. Everyone had a 12:00pm appointment and, again, I was told to sign in and go get something to eat. The doctor was 2 hours late again and this time, Rudy decided to disregard the sign in sheet. He was picking and choosing who would go in to see the doctor by who he knew so people who had been there for over two hours were waiting while people who were obviously his friends were walking in and he would say..."Hey Buddy!!! How ya been?...You're next!" There were obviously sick people in the waiting area who were forced to wait for his buddies to be seen before them even though they had arrived long before. The worst part of the whole fiasco was that the doctor issued a recommendation to a woman who was 6-7 months pregnant! Another thing that really hurts the medicinal marijuana cause in my eyes. Let me just touch a little more on Rudy who is the biggest problem they have. I have to question the integrity of the proprietors of the THC Clinic. To have a 20-something year old guy, covered in tattoos and a VERY cocky attitude is far from the compassionate care that their website boasts about. At one point while we were waiting for the doctor he said...OK, since we have time to kill I am going to educate you guys. He proceeded to tell us things about Prop 215 that were very off-base. His misinformed us about the number of plants allowed and his information even conflicted with the paperwork that the doctor gives the patients! One lady asked a question about getting an exemption to grow more plants in order to use it for edibles and he said that you absolutely can NOT have more than 6 mature plants. Incidentally, she did come out of the doctors office with an exemption form allowing her to have more than 6 mature plants. He also said if you get pulled over and you have hash on you, you should tell the cop that it isn't the hash of the old days that use to have opiates in it! He said you should explain that it is hash made with water. I could be wrong but in my experience, hash never contained opiates. The extraction process involved the use of solvents way back when rather than extraction using ice water (bubble hash) as they do today. I could go on and on about the experience but after the second visit I will NEVER go back there again. I will be illegal before I will go back there and at least half of the people there said the same thing. They all said they would tell everyone they talk to not to ever go the the THC Clinic in Bakersfield. They have several other locations but I have never been to their offices in other cities so I can't say that the experience would be the same but I think it is very likely that Rudy runs the show in the same manner in all of their traveling locations.
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    Its not much different at the clinics here in Washington. Its obviously just about the money which is sad because it should be about so much more. But we live in America, money is our religion for the 21st century.
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    You hit the nail on the head! It is all about money. It is not about compassionate care at all :twocents:

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    I get it, the dude appears by is own verbiage to be unqualified for the job position.. but WTF do tattoo have to do with anything ??.. come on my friend.. NUN of us like to be stereotyped.. now do we ;) .. not only do I have to put up with "Joe citizen and "Johnny Law" about MMJ.. but also folks like yourself that see tattoos as something identified as "criminal or unqualified" too ??? :wtf: .. but thanks for the heads up regarding this less then appealing and professional manner of this THC Clinic nun the less, that's what networking is all about... brother.
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    In retrospect, the tattoo comment was out of line. I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. I am so sorry about that comment. You're right, none of us like to be stereotyped.

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    Very unfortunate story, I will stay away.
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    thats bakersfield for you
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    Does this surprise anyone?
    It's all about the $$$$
    This is why you can go get the same quality on the streets, pay street tax to a dealer, and still get it cheaper than you can in most all of the clinics, at least in socal.

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