THC content Bud vrs hash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by grow1964, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. grow1964

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    How much THC content is actually in the plant matter vrs the trichromes? If the majority is in the trichromes would it just be better to turn all my bud into hash?
  2. killerweed420

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    Most of your thc is in the trichs but there still is an awful lot in the rest of the plant. I like to get the most out of my plant so I save the buds for smoke and turn the rest of the plant into honey oil. The only part of the plant that goes to waste is the roots
  3. psychocat

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    In most cases hashish has a higher THC content than bud , it does vary across the board so there will always be buds with high levels and hash with low ones but on average hash is stronger.
    Your plant "waste" (leaves ,stalks etc) can be processed to produce a reasonable hashish.
    A lot of folks use these How to make Bubble Hash & Dry Screened Hash
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  4. grow1964

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    Thanks for the responses, I guess i'll save the bud!!
  5. dean0000

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    All buds have different hash (Trichromes) levels, as most people know. Obviously if you took 1g of bud and took 1g of hash made from the same bud, the hash will have more THC.

    The trichromes contain most of the THC. The plant matter contains most of the Cannabinoids (CBN) which are responsible for the stoney, sleepy kind of feel of some highs.

    Buds which have been used to make hash would still have some THC in though. If you tried to get it all out whilst making hash, you would get to much plant matter in the hash.
  6. TurnyBright

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    Not all your bud, it's tough to smoke hash without something to sprinkle it on!

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