THC Drops

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Shadowist, Mar 31, 2007.

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    Does anyone know about this?

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    hey man

    whats up dude. i was tryin to find out how to make thc drops.
    you make suckers also???
    i was woundering if its cool with you if you tell me how you make theim>>>>:Rasta:

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    (i posted this in another THC Drop Post but its helpful)

    Thc drops? Soak weed for about 4 in a half weeks with grain alcohol or food glycerin in a jar and shake it, when you add the recipe of weed and grain/glycerin then you shake it and let it sit for the time..The dosage is One cup of The Grain/Glycerine and One Ounce of some high grade bud in a quart jar for best results and make sure it is sealed tight. Use a Food Presser to press out the glycerin and bud well and put the liquid in bottles with a eye dropper top or somethin' like it.... enjoy

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    OK To Make All this better, I’ll put it in order:

    1 Cup Food Grade Glycerin Or Grain Alcohol
    1 Ounce of Some Grade A Bud(Break up buds, not to small)
    Quart Jar w/ top

    Put The Ingredients In a Jar
    Shake For About 5-10 Minutes(each day for 2months)
    Press Out the Glycerin/Grain well (Food Presser or Ricer)
    Put it in Brown Bottles(Recommended) W/ Eyedropper.

    When finished, you can drop a drop or two Under the tongue….

    Really Good Strains to Use
    White Widow
    White Russian
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    hey man, sounds sick... question is how many drops will that yield? Also if I were to only use a quarter, should I just use 1/4 cup of grain alcohol?
    Thanks man, looking forward to trying this in the future
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    yea thats just about right measurements, i wouldnt recommend it tho, i would stick to the full dosage but if you can manage to cut the math to a T then go for it....
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    kk, thanks man!
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    Well I can say this officially..I made the drops and tried it on a few different electronic cigarettes and finally found one that worked! Placed about 4 to 5 drops in a carrtidge I emptied out in a e-cigarette from ProSmoke and let me tell worked great! Definitely had a sweet smell to it but almost flavorless and odorless and WORKED AWESOME.

    I tried a few other cigs but I dont think any of them had robust enough atmoizers to handle the VG. The e cig that finally worked was from Index of /

    VERY EXCITED this worked! Now I can smoke it anywhere as well as have my normal electronic cigarette if I want that. AWESOME!!!!!
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    I don't have an ounce of bud, and I want to try these drops with about 3g's of good kush.

    How can I go about doing this?

    So all you did was put drops in the nicotine cartrige and smoke it, and you got high off that?
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    what is it like hash oil?
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    I tried this recipe and it did not work. I think i figured out the problem. I read on the GD recipe that baked the bud to cause decarboxaliztion (def. not spelled correct) (this transforms THCA(no high) into THC(very high)). Now the only problem is i missed a step and have all of this VG/bud mix which is usless unless i find a way to do this after I mixed the two already. So a fair warning to everyone reading this post. Bake your green first.
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    Did you use the vegetable food grade glycerin? Also what model of E-Cig did you use? I need to do this!
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    So I did some more google searching on this topic and found several EXACT posts to what MNoisy is posting... Looks suspicious that MNoisy probably works for ProSmoke... SPAMMER>>> :mad: :spam1:

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