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    what can you guys and girls tell me about THC drops
    how to make?
    is it worth it?
    smoke on

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    Do you mean "green dragon". That is when you get some high proof alcohol and leave the bud in there for like a month and the THC is absorbed by the alcohol. Then you just drink it and you will start feelin funky.
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    Ha ha! Another from four months ago! But you're the only one to ever answer this guy, so I hope he wasn't waiting all this time.
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    My buddy says that it takes about three to four ounces of some good weed and corn alcohol, and a mason jar. Take a coffee bean grinder and mince two or three of the ounces until its packed 3/4 of the jar then you fill the jar with the corn alcohol put a canning lid on the jar than shake it up real good everyday for three weeks on the end of the third week strain off the tincture into a clean jar and put last ounce into the jar repeat for a week then strain into your holding container make some graduations on it so you know what you taken. my friends a regular smoker he told me not to make plans for couple hours afters using a couple drops.
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  6. feather

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    Not to make plans :p
  7. feather

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    yepp, funky indeed :)
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  9. feather

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    as I'm kinda newbie, I'm ALWAYS high the next day still and sometimes even the day after that, so I do very little, plus it takes me 1-2 hours til I feel it after taking them drops in
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    No need to grind it, no need to wait three weeks.

    Grinding the buds just makes it much harder to filter our the vegetative component.
    The ethanol will dissolve all the resin out in a few minutes without the need to grind, or even crush, your buds.

    Put the ethanol in the freezer overnight.
    Spread the buds on a cookie sheet and pop them into a 250° F. oven for half an hour.
    That will decarb, (activate for ingestion) the buds.
    That 30 minutes saves you 3 weeks of waiting and does a more thorough job.

    When they cool put them in a chilled mason jar and just cover with the chilled ethanol.
    Then shake for 3 minutes and pour off the "first water".
    It will be golden in color.
    metal plate boil.JPG
    This I call Golden dragon, and is far superior in taste and effect to the Green dragon method.

    If you use isopropyl alcohol and boil it off, you get QWISO .
    Not too shabby.JPG

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