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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by SOG420, Dec 26, 2006.

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    I had Several questions about extracting THc from Cannabis solids
    1. If I seperate the mixture and evaporate the alcohol Can I smoke what's left behind?
    2.Is the powder left behind able to be absorbed into the stomach lining?
    3. Would the amout from 14 grams of stems be useable?
  2. i have not tried it, but i have extensive knowledge, as i read about these things..... soo..... don't take my word as the absolute truth... but here goes

    1. yes, although the evaporation can take a good long time. you'll actually be left with what we call 'honey oil' there's an even easier and quicker method of this, that has to do with butane (which i have tried, and omg, is it powerful... i couldn't even finish one joint, and when i was smoking it, and i've been smoking 8 years now, i was coughing my ass off every hit..)
    2. i don't know if it comes out in a powder, actually was under the impression it will leave behind a gooey substance, a veeeeeeeeeeeery gooey and sticky substinance at that... but yes, it would still work, i mean if you just eat it, like is, i can almost garuntee it won't work, because it needs heat to release the thc (for those wanting to get more accurate i know thc isn't the only thing in weed that gets you high, it's just easier to say then sitting here listing all the others)
    3 mostly, it would depend on quality the stems came from, stems weigh alot, compared to bud, and at the same point, have very little thc (read above note, i don't feel like saying it again) to offer.... unless it's dank and i mean SERIOUSLY dank shit, i'd keep saving.....

    edit: however, if you're a drinker, i'd suggest to you (if you have no real patients and 'just have to do something with them') making some green dragon (in direct sunlight) and just drinking that (keeping in mind, i'm talking the long way the way that takes a week or two).... otherwise, keep saving...
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    you will be left with an oil and if you have not filtered all of the little pieces of stem out then you will have a little bit of powder that only appears to be powder but when you scrape it it will be a very sticky oil. If you eat it it will not create the desired effect because it is not contained within somthing it will disolve easily in and that the body can metabolize like alcohol or a fat. You can smoke what is left and the time it takes to evaporate largely depends on the percentage of iso alcohol and the conditions that the liquid is subjected to. ie. heat wind etc.

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