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  1. groNsho34

    groNsho34 Registered+

    This is a dumb question but I wanted to know and I can't find anything about it on google.. How much THC is in resin from your glass pipe...I know it gives you headaches and it stinks and tastes terrible!!
  2. smokealot123

    smokealot123 Registered+

    i just did this and took a tylonile and i can say this is about the seccond best high ive ever had..

    ingrediance -- 4 roach papers (just the papers because i smoked what was in them long time ago) a small bit of weed i found, and some resin i scraped out of my pipe..

    i just put the same pipe in a boiling bowl of water and got a littel bit of resin and i put that through the coffee filts and then put it back in the bowl and then put it into my gecko tank under the heating pad and it's drying as we speak:eat::eat:

    sry i cant keep myself from laughing, holly ! lol 2 baked

    i will roll that resin into a tobacco joint and tell you the results !

    lol i took about a half hour looking for that same thread and still havent found it
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  3. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    Not sure man.. Think you'd need to do some serious research on that to work out the % of THC in resin from your pipe..
  4. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Gandalf_The_Grey Registered+

    I've scraped out the resin from my pipe and smoked it during several times of desperation. It tastse horrible, but it never gave me any kind of headache. And actually I found it to be about as strong as some hash, though the high was "different" and frankly substandard. Still worth it IMO though.
  5. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    The taste is disgustin.. But it will get u stoned.. So smoke it up :jointsmile:
  6. Love2Chief

    Love2Chief Registered+

    ahh yes black gold is what i call it when im fiending for my greens. its better than not:jointsmile: being high at all so light that shit!
  7. TurnyBright

    TurnyBright Registered+

    however much thc there is, its enough to get one quite stoned

    though it can be a bitch to harvest, i cracked one of my favorite pipes this way
  8. iTokethings

    iTokethings Registered+

    lol yer its a bastard finding something to scrape it out with then getting all the shit out, finding sumwhere to put it whilst you continue to scrape then getting it on your fingers, but then when i put it back thru my bong

    funny high, never sofa lock.
  9. groNsho34

    groNsho34 Registered+

    Yeah getting it on your fingers is the worst part of it! How do you guys smoke your resin?? I just put it in my bowl..
  10. ldg420

    ldg420 Registered+

    Rubbing alcohol will get it off your hands easily... :stoned:
  11. iTokethings

    iTokethings Registered+

    putting abit of ash on your fingertips helps
    but not much

    yeah i just put mine back in my bowl

    ive only ever got resin out of my down tubes, never my actual bong/lung

    i would get about a 8th out of my lung lol
  12. Anubis10012007

    Anubis10012007 Registered+

    i smoke resin all the time, with fairly good results if its good weed I smoked in my pipes. although % wise I have no idea. My guess if it was good weed you smoked, maybe like 8-10%
  13. kovalt

    kovalt Registered

    i tend to smoke bowls, and resin is my best friend. i use a glass bowl. when the $$$ runs out, i scrape and pack into the same bowl.

    resin tastes like ass, but whn you truely NEED a buzz, it will do the job!

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