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    I just took a 50 ng home drug test and passed with my first void of the day. It was a little faint but definatley there. I was clean for 2 weeks. My question is do you think Ill be below 15 ng in another 2 weeks? Im very skinny and I run and do sit up everyday, weightlift every other day. I eat very healthy (low fat and sugar). I also eat a bunch of high fiber cereal every night. At this rate will I be good for a gc/ms 15 ng test in another 2 weeks? Dilution and subing isnt an option, I have to actually be clean.
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    Oh yeah and my smoking history was on and off for about 2 years. I was smoking pretty frequently and then quit for 9 days, then started again for 4 days before quitting for this test. 6'2.5 165 lbs if thats helps at all
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    Youre worrying yourself over nothing.

    If youre passing your home tests with the first void of the day, you'll pass the actual U/A. They wouldnt run the GC/MS on the sample once it passes the initial screen anyway. Its a waste of the labs time and the clients money.

    But even if for shits & giggles they do run the confirmation GC/MS, the sample would still test negative. Thats because a 15ng GC/MS is functionally equivalent to the 50ng Immunoassay screen. The cutoff levels are numerically different because the Immunoassay recognizes the composite of all 31 THC metabolite concentrations, while the GC/MS only recognizes one metabolite concentration: THC-COOH.
    To pass the Immunoassay, the whole composite must test below 50ng.
    To pass the GC/MS, only that one metabolite concentration (THC-COOH) must register below 15ng. The cutoff has to be set at a lower number to make the two types of tests functionally equivalent.
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