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    High! I am currently stuck doing UA's for Probation and I have a test 5 days from now. They know I am going to be dirty but would like to se my levels coming down. I smoked about 24 hours ago and needing to bring my levels below 93. Is there any advice anyone can give me? My friends tell me to continue to work out and sweat it out in the sauna? Is there anything else I can do? I am a chronic user and have been since the age of 14. I am now 20! I weigh 110 and I am 5'1. PLease any advice would be great!
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    If all you need is to lower your levels, just dilute. Drink a lot of water, supplement with B2 for a yellow color if needed. More info can be found in the sticky at the top of the Drug Testing forum index
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  3. krazeebitch

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    Ok. But do you think working out and sweating a lot will help out a bit?:(
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    Up UNTIL 3 days BEFORE test you want to do lots of cardio exercises.

    And Then...........

    You want to STOP exercising about 3 days BEFORE your test and start adding a fresh layer of fat on top of the thc fat. You do this by being lazy and eating HIGH fat foods.
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    Really? That sounds different from what I have heard? Have you tried this before? Just curious as to where you heard about that? I am down to try it if this shit will bring my levels down! I was planning on running for an hour a day along with crunches. And then the next day just sit in the sauna for about an hour. And fatty foods! Yum my favorite! This should be a piece of cake! Sucks that I have to go through this though. I havent even been found guilty. Fucking Pre Trial Bullshit plus the fact that Im from UTAH doesnt help im sure! They should be after those fucking Meth Heads out here! But fuck it D.G.A.F! :jointsmile: Once this is all over with!!!! Life will be back to normal. Can't Wait!
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    You should really do some more reading on this site instead of relying on your friends. I'm sure they mean well but they don't know what we know.

    First thing you should do to reduce your THC metabolite level, stop smoking while on probation. You'll feel much better about it because you will really get back to a normal life and enjoying your weed if you just be patient and do this probation period right.
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    Well I know not to just take the first advice I get! I am just trying to get different opinions. I dont want to get completly clean. My PO stated that my levels need to show lower when I test. I have come to the conclusion that I need to quit smoking. Its only causing me to worry about it and creates stress which makes me want to smoke. From what I have found on this site is nothing but Dilute Dilute Dilute. When we ALL know that if the test results come back as a dilute, its an automatic positive. I will continue to work out daily and burn this fat off. Not that I have much. I am very skinny and slim! With a high metabolism! Thanks for the advice! It helps me stay positive that everything is going to be all right! :hippy:
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    Actually, this website is not about dilute dilute dilute. The advice given here is to sub, sub, sub, but since you are on probation the advice is to stop, stop, stop because you could be subject to an observed test if you are court ordered.

    Next, the goal of the dilution thread is to pass without being detected as dilute. Anyone can drink a gallon of water and they don't need a website to give them tips on how to drink a gallon of water and fail for being dilute if that's what they choose. But since you are on probation, neither is really a good option.

    You really need to do some more reading on this site because I don't think you understand drug testing from the variance of half life of THC metabolites to how dilution works to the overwhelming recommendation of most to stop smoking on probation. I know it's not easy or enjoyable but life can be a bitch.

    Hey it's your freedom and criminal history at stake so do what you want to do.
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    at least it's not a hair test. my school drug tests and when they do its a hair test complete bullshit
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    All of them are observed and have been since day 1. I have been on this since the beginning of August and have only cut back and have been working out almost daily and my levels have been showing to decrease. So I think I will stick with what I have been doing. And yes, I know, I need to STOP SMOKING! :D
  11. Care Bear

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    I am in the same situation when it comes to drug testing and I fully agree, my kids come before my love of pot and the only honest answer to passing is to stay clean.... Its not a hard choice when it comes to your family and freedom over a little good feeling of a head change.

    Sicerely: my loyalty to my babys
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    Eight year old thread, but excellent advice.
    Wee 'zard

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