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    So,, in order to get my job back I need to pass a piss test by next Friday. So I have an oppurtunity to be a total of 15 days clean before I need to piss. I tested last Friday at 176ng of THC... I am now 7 days w/out smoking. I have been hitting the gym up twice a day (5-10 miles). Sweating like a mother too... drinking nothing but water (approx. 3 liters/day) and also taking GNC complete body cleanse 7 day progrom.. and eating nothing but clean (low fat) foods.. tons of vegetables and fruit.. I am 5'8" 150lbs slim build. I am hoping to kick my metabolism into high gear and try to get the toxins out of my system as quick as possible. I just tested again today (for rehab) and should have the results either tomorrow or monday.. I will post the levels of THC that I test for so everyone can see how quick the levels decrease. Although I do know that everyone is different.. but this is just my experience and it might help someone in my situation.

    Let me know if you know any other ways to kick the thc out of my system... any advice is appreciated.
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    Two different stories?

    Wait...according to your post here, youve failed last Friday because youve used synthetic urine:

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    Yes,, I did get fired on Friday for using synthetics (twice).. But the same day I got canned (Friday), I also joined a rehab and the first thing they did was test me to see where my thc levels are (hence the 176ng)... I have to piss clean by next friday in order to get back to work.
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    Detox "cleansers" are nothing but a scam to seperate the credulous and uninformed from their cash. The worst are the ones that boast "7 day detox" etc. because the claims made by the manufacturers are downright false. If these guys had done their research on THC (instead of exploiting unfortunate victims in the so-called "war on drugs") they would know that there is no product, nothing that can rid the body of THC, except time and exercise.

    All detox cleansers work via the dilution principle. They work because of the water thats required by the instructions to drink with them. Because fluids are consumed, the THCA thats present in the bladder is "thinned out" (albeit temporarily) to where the sample registers below the cutoff thresholds of the drug screen. Again, this dilution action is only temporary. Once youve voided out all of the fluids consumed, you'll resume testing positive for THC.
    You could duplicate those actions for $$$ less by using just vitamins and B2.

    Exercising is a good idea only if you have several weeks or more to prepare for a THC drug test. Exercising is not good if you have 0-3 days before the test because by burning fat cells, the stored THCA is released back into the bloodstream and all end up in the urine and bowels. Because of this, all fat-burning activities should cease and the donor should be dormant as possible for those 3 days. You dont want a bunch of THCA to be released into the bloodstream and accumulate in the urine to be detected.

    Sweating doesnt help much because very little THC is excreted via sweat. The rest is being excreted via the urine and bowels.

    Because they only serve to dilute temporarily, drinking water or any types of fluid is only good for the day of the U/A. Drinking a bunch of fluids days or weeks before the test is of no help. It may cause frequent voiding, but it has no effect on the rate in which THCA is filtered from the bloodstream by the kidneys.
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    Correction/expired edit time

    Correction - thats water and B2. ;)
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    Update and Question..

    So I have been testing for my rehab center on a regular basis to track my current THC levels... I have till friday to test for my employer and get my job back...Here it is..

    on 4/8 I tested at 176ng (THC Level)

    I tested again on 4/15 and my levels have dropped to 92 ng... (dropped 84 ng in 7 days...)

    I tested again on 4/19... should get my results tomorrow (theoretically It should be at 44ng).

    So mathmatically my THC levels are decreasing at an average of 12ng per day.. So by today 4/20 I should be down to 32 ng and by Friday I should be down to nothing .... Theoretically...

    I am not going to leave anything to question.. so I will test again on wednesday and get my results on Friday and then go take the test for my employer.

    I have been doing the eliptical at the gym (5-10 miles a day)... I am confident that I should be good by Friday... but my question is...

    Should I be reaching for the 50ng cut off... or do my levels need to be down to 15ng per before I can pass a test. I just read a post and it seems to make sense.. ("50ng is equivalent to 15ng single metabolite") but just want to make double sure.. I have one last oppurtunity to pass a test for my employer or i'm done with the company if I fail...
    Remember were talking an Oregon Lab... I know they work a little different then most...
    Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. desmond8485

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    Employer policy

    Forgot to add.. I read the company policy and it states

    Intitial Cutoff 50ng/ml
    Confirm Cutoff 15ng/ml...

    This is where I get confused....

    Thanks again..
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  9. desmond8485

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    Not sure.. But the testing labs in Oregon seem to do whatever the F*** they want. I failed on two different brands (Quick Fix 5.7 and Magnum Clean Stream)... results came back as "Abnormal characteristics"... Alot of people here swear by it,,, but I was not so fortunate....
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    Thats normal. The intial EMIT test is for 50ng, the GC/MS test is for 15ng but its testing for a specific thc metabolite.
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    Update... Test results on 4/19 came back today.. PASSED... They didn't say I had any THC levels... But im going to test again today just to verify one last time... just wanted to give an update.... so in 12 days i was able to decrease my THC levels (originally at 176ng) to below the 50 ng cutoff...
    So excited...
    MJ this has been a helluva experience... so were done for the time being but you haven't seen the last of me... Just wait till your legalized... then its on like nobody's business.... Until then... Peace out...
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    Can't believe im adding another update...
    So I passed my last two lab tests for the rehab center (took approx 10 days to get my metabolism in high gear and piss clean)... Took my employement UA last Friday the 23rd... Figured I would get a call today saying I was good to start work again tomorrow...

    That wasn't the case... Received a call today saying my sample was "too diluted to test".... this is BS. I fkn HATE Oregon...
    I had to go piss again for the piss cops today... only had two hours to go piss or they wouldn't accept it..

    I was nervous like hell, seeing as how this is the last test the company will give me... if it comes back dilute or invalid it is the same as a positive test HR says... AND I WILL BE BARRED FROM THE COMPANY FOREVER...

    I was barely able to force any piss out... Squeezed my bladder like a hell for 15 minutes and was barely able to give enough for the test... (couldn't stop thinking of everything I will lose of these few drops of piss)

    The only thing that I'm worried about now is... since I was barely able to piss... I'm sure it was the last few drops in my bladder.. which I read are the most dirty (well the first and last part of your piss stream)...
    Fck if this last test comes back fucked up... I don't even know what I'm going to do. I'll have to move back to NM and look for another job..
    It just sux. I cleaned out my enitre system,,, joined a fn rehab.. doing everything I can to get my job back and then to get two negative test results for rehab, and the one that matters come back as "dilute"...
    FK drug tests already.. I'm so sick of all this BS...
    Sorry,, just needed to vent... not sure how much of this stress I can take...
    especially without MJ....
  13. patsnber1fan

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    how do you test your own THC level?
  14. loveblunts

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    u can buy the firsthomecheck drug test.. and can mail ur urine to a lab.
    or u just walk into a lab and give htem a sample.. and pay for it.

    but i cant believe u got a dilute man. did u drink alot of fluids before hand? or just normal amounts???
    did u ever test ur first urine of the day before?
    because i usually dont pass my home drug tests on the 1st-3rd piss... but ive been only clean for 3 weeks, and have stopped exercising for a week.

    hope u get it man.
  15. marleygirl

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    good luck with your retest, let us know the results. i did get clean in 11 days one time and I never knew my original nanogram count but was told it was VERY high when they first took my blood at an inpatient program. 11 days later I was totally clean. they were shocked and so was i so there is a chance for you too.
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    i had been a stoner for a long time, smoked 4-5 times a day. Then I had a test that was 30 days away. I bought a strip 7 day detox and worked out alot. In 30 days clean i passed my piss test. I know people say detox shit never works, but I would rather use it because it might help, even if just a bit, rather than not use it and fail. The more you can do to help yourself the better.
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    What's this got to do with the OP? Anyhow, why would you credit the 7 day detox and not the 30 days of exercise and clean time? We call that anecdotal evidence. As for your claim that it might help, do some reading here and you will see that is simply not the case. The only thing it helps is to lighten one person's wallet and make another person's heavier. In short, it didn't do a thing to help you pass your drug test.
  18. desmond8485

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    I thought I drank the normal amount of fluids that I usally do... but guess i drank to much... this sux... but i will know in just a few hours if I got my job back... I'll post an update later today either saying Im going to jump off the GG bridge (LOL) or that I got my job back...

    Never tested my first urine.. I figured if I could pass two lab tests for the rehab center that I would be good... just didn't think that I would shoot myself in the foot by drinking to much fluids... I have taken a total of 8 tests in the last two weeks... I am so ready to be done with them... but if I get my job back the company reserves the right to test me randomly for up to two years.... thats what really sux...
    I'll update in a few hours...
  19. loveblunts

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    ya man def let us know wat happens.
  20. desmond8485

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    Just received a call from HR.. I passed the whiz quiz and got my job back... Get to go back tomorrow!

    Thanks for all the supportive posts.... Now lets get MJ legalized! but until then i'll be taking up sobriety... My career means more to me then Not make $$$$...

    Until we meet again.... Smoke one for me!:smokin:

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