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    to mods---if this is thread is not allowed, im sorry, i was just wondren about this and THC is a part of marijuana so...

    i live in a pretty small town, where ony weed is available, but there are connections to the cities, for various drugs(coke, acid, various pills, etc...). i was smokin with the kid who has the connection yesterday, and he mentioned THC pills. he said they were $15 each, and gave you a nice high for about 2 days. has anyone tried them, and if so, are they any good?
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    dunno man but i'd love to try one
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    My roommate took 2 of them, and after an hour said he didnt feel anything. So he smoked a bowl, and said he got pretty high, but nothing like what was described to him. He may have been ripped off though.
  4. high for two days? no... do they get you high, like weed does, yeah pretty much.... they can be pretty powerful so don't go pushing your luck taking a whole bunch of them... 1, maybe, just maybe 2... the time of effect, varies greatly tho.. the first time i took them, i felt it within 30 mins, the next time took a couple of hours... this is of course if we're talking about marinol.. if they're real, it will be a ball, brown or orange (i can't remember which) and if you bite them open you will get a mouth full of oil... it's sesame seed oil which is what the thc is contained in.. if he tries to hand you just some random pill that's solid... yeah dont' even waste your money, i'm not positive on this, but i don't think there's actualy a thc pill, (pill meaning solid matter)
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    Once, my ex boyfriend handed me these two herbal looking pills. Vitamin capsuls almost, as some of the old chat room members may remember, I puked those shits back up, 'cause after a little research I realize that they could be just about anything except thc. Be careful and keep your eyes open, 'cause it may not be the real thing but they ARE real.
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    i can get them from one of my contacts for $3 a peice....never tried them but he said he has thinking about going and getting a couple of them and trying them out
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    Straight off the DEA website.....You know they have all the facts on dope!!??...don't they?;)
  11. intresting, i didn't know there were white ones, i was right sorta... there are both orange and brown...
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    I need a script
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    Wow I would be poppin THC pills all day if I got my hands on those.
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