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    i was jus t wondering...what do you think would happen if you allowed all of the alcohol to evaporate from a finished Green Dragon solution? would the resulting dried powder or residue be potent enough to put in a pill and consume? what do you guys think? I'm thinking about doing it myself to see what happens.
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    Potency depends on how much flower/trimmings you started with. If you evaporate all of the alcohol out, what's left over is hash. You can eat hash and feel the effects, just be careful how much.
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    What gets left over after you evaporate all the alcohol is a syrup like liquid. Its basically pure thc. I dip blunts in it... chillin
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    What you are talking about is a type of hash. The easiest way to make it is a BHO extraction and then you whip it (process using low heat and stirring or whipping) and it turns to a powder. This is one of the most potent types of hash their is right now, many names for it including "Earwax" "Powder Hash" and of coarse "Whipped" it is very stable in terms of if you touch it it is not like a oil hash (which is very potent as well, and there are types of oil that are very stable) where it can be sticky and very hard to smoke. these types of Hashishes are know to be a cure to cancer when eaten in large amounts.(With the goal being to saturate the body with 30 grams or more of pure THC and all the other cannabinoids that are included in the extracts)
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    I soaked a 1/2 oz of Mexi dirt weed in 190 for 5 months. Poured it through a strainer in to a measuring cup, covered it with a paper towel to keep out dirt and bugs and let it evaporate in my garage. Left a greenish/blackish goo that I divided into baby aspirin sized pieces.
    Smoked some in a pipe.
    Kneaded some with weed and rolled it up.
    Ate some.

    For weed that was very harsh and boring to smoke this concentrated form was quite enjoyable. I would love to try the same experiment with some high end weed.

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