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    Hi I have a son that is 16 and is autistic and very aggresive. We are legal and have tried some cannabis and have had great success. I have been getting my product through a dispensery in my area. the problem that I have is I tried a new strain and found it to not be as helpful and I believe it is because the THC levels might be to high. We tried Marinol with no success and From what I read about marinol is that its mostly THC. I am thinking that my son is getting the best benefits from the CBD cannabinoid. I have heard that this cannabinoid has more of a calming effect. My thinking is that I may have to harvest earlier then most to avoid the higher THC levels. Anybody have any experience with this issue.

    The dispensery ran out of the strain I started with originaly.
    We started with Afgooy which worked well then tried UK Cheese didn't work so well.
    If this is not the place to ask this questions please direct me to were I need to go. or may get a better answer.
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    actually; you want a late harvest...IMO...20-40% amber trichomes...THC degrades to CBD...= couchlock

    early harvests make for quick, buzzy, hyper weed

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    Thats intresting I read that late harvest turns to CBN which I dont quite understand the effects of CBN. What about the leaves, what compounds are they rich in?
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    you're right! bad...but, I still think late harvest is better for your needs.

    bud leaves/buds with trichomes is the only interesting part that know of...??...sorry, if I confused?
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    Hi, I think depending on one strain to do the the job limits your use; if you take multiple strains (two at a time to start) you can create the effect you need. Just do a strain search to learn their major qualities then mix with the desired effect in mind. Your search should represent/follow the strains which are available to you. ;)
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    Thank you for your insight. I like the idea of a late harvest. Would allowing male and female plants growing together and having seeds produced even lower THC levels more. I know this is unpopular with growers today but the needs are different.
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    It would make less of an usible product; you loose some of the glands when you break the seeds out of the pods, thus reducing the amount glands, which means the reduction of thc carrying particles on the plant material.

    Just a note here; removing seed from your buds is a pain in the butt.:D
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    in my experience when pot is cured more, more cbd becomes active in it..hope you can find something that works good for your son..

    also if you're growing it yourself, just let the plant mature longer to get more cbd

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