THC WORMS!! Control and prevention

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Lit Up, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Alright people. So, there is all the talk about the legendary "THC" worm. We've all seen them, shit some have even smoked them. Although few of us have seen the destructive, not so appealing side these worms.

    The last couple years I have had a personal vendetta with these little pests and they have been a pain in my ass!! Recently, I hunkered down, got serious, and have come to the best conclusion, solution, and strategy for dealing with these disrespectful worms.

    Based upon extensive research, I have concluded that these worms are no more than mere "Iris Borers" Here is the best information I could find on them.....

    Iris Borer Control

    Some Pics... iris_borer_larva.jpeg , iris_borer_larvae.jpeg , irisborer_on_iris.jpeg , I would also like to add, under a microscope, they are ugly as fuck. Nightmarish even.

    Based upon the info. The best way I could come up with, in preventing these from infesting your crop, would be to wait until after the hatching season. Daily inspection of your plants can also help reduce infestation by crushing them before they reach the stems. Also, location of your crop can affect overall risk. Wooded areas would be more susceptible to infestation. Whereas grassy plain areas, probably not so much.

    The info provided is more than enough to educated everyone and I hope this helps out. Any feedback from experienced growers/members is welcome.

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    I just pulled all of mine..... green worms ! flower started on the 5th of May.. wanted to go a bit longer.... put them all in a bucket of water for 2hour...... then layed it all out to dry in the sun..... worms in the bottom of the bucket.... Question... loss of potency? growing for butter not to smoke? advice --- help ! ( last season went perfect no problems) Thanx

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