The African Queen Strain is one in a million

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    Classification: Sativa (80%)/indica (20%)
    Parents: Durban Poison x Space Queen
    Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor
    Garden Skills: Intermediate
    Flowering Time: 8 weeks
    Yield: Moderate to heavy
    Height: Medium to tall
    Medical Uses: Depression, migraines, Parkinson's Disease, Crohn's Disease, nausea, arthritis
    Breeder: Posh Marijuana Seeds

    African Queen gets its name from its mother and father, Durban Poison and Space Queen. Durban Poison is a highly potent, nearly pure Sativa from South Africa. Space Queen is a highly regarded Sativa-dominant strain from the lush region of British Columbia. It's hard to tell what the actual color of these dense, buds is because they are absolutely caked in milky-white trichromes. The buds break apart very nicely and are a favorite among patients who medicate with joints and/or vaporizers.

    While these ladies can get quite tall, they still maintain a sturdy, hearty stature that will support the massive, elongated buds that form over a consistent 8 weeks of flowering. Around week 6, these potent mamas give off a pungent dank, floral and skunky smell that will require adequate carbon filtering. The yield from this strain has shown to be above average at the minimum, but usually leans more towards the heavy side of the spectrum.

    Rich, crisp, fresh and lively flavors of tropical fruit, citrus, sweet candy, and skunk make for one helluva flavor combination. African Queen produces a Sativa-dominant effect that incorporates a relatively strong and relaxing body high. Eighths of this bud typically go for around $50 in Northern California.
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    Maybe it will start taking home trophies.

    As far as pricing, marijuana is all over the place. There are dispensaries that focus on high quality, high priced bud for the connoisseur.

    Any strain that takes top honors, or any trophy for that matter, from a major ganja show will automatically become more priced, just to adjust for it's increased demand.

    I like the name though. Sounds like something that would win trophies and stuff.

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