The Albert Walker Strain

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    Type: Indica/Sativa
    Yield: Heavy
    Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 70 days;
    Cross: Unknown Afghan Lineage
    Bred by: Unknown

    Albert Walker marijuana is a strain that not much is known about. However, she has been around for years and continues to create demand amongst good-toking medicinal cannabis patients everywhere. Because no breeder has credit for her, perhaps none feel the responsibility to stabilize her. As she is, taking anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks to mature, she displays phenotypic differences that make her difficult to grow with consistent, projectable results. If you are a medical marijuana patient searching for medicine that relieves bodily pains while simultaneously exciting the mind, then definitely toke a sample of Albert Walker cannabis. She is a well-meshed blend of the best of both worlds. She thrives indoors under quality lighting and with organic nutrients. She's a hearty grower and will yield heavily for you. You just have to do a little extra work to sort out the phenotypes that you may find less desirable. Cull them away and attempt to keep your canopy even with ladies of the same Albert Walker marijuana strain phenotype.
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    Instead of saying afghani x unkown, try afghani x bag seed (with geographical area the bag seed was found at, if available)

    Some of the best stains on the planet started out from some random seed found in a bag. Bag seed if more acceptable slang for no clue what strain or where the seed came from.

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