the best way 2 dry weed ?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by ...gas..., May 19, 2007.

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    i hang the hole plant up side down in my cup bourd 4 a week 2 10 day s
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    ...I agree....enjoy....:thumbsup:.....
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    thanx , not bad at all ! alot of work 2 dry a bud , many thanx
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    I remove each branch, and give it a quick trim of fan leaves. I stab the branches thru on a thin piece of wire, and hang them in 75- 80 degree area, no fan on them. Then after a 5-7 day hang, nip off the bud, and into glass for 3 weeks.
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    cut your buds from the stems, place them loosely in a brown paper bag, with the top folded shut (one fold) - open the bag every few hours, and let it air out for 20 minutes or so - after 3-4 days it should be quite dry (it's OK, moisture can be quickly replaced anytime, with a fan leaf, or lemon slice, etc.) - then, into sealed jars for curing - same deal, open the jar every few hours for a few minutes to let accumulated gases to escape - don't rush curing, nothing will make the smoke more palatable and powerful as a good, slow cure - I am of the 'old school', that feels slow curing boosts potency, as plant chemicals convert to THC and CBDs, etc (some newer studies disagree with this theory, but I stick with 'what works')... :jointsmile:
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    I tried hanging, but it was winter and had to do inside...not the greatest that way (worried about someone walking in there, and it was too hot of a room too). What I did like was I used a cardboard box and taped fishing line across it. Then I took the chopped sticks, lol, with no HUGE fans on them and laid them on the line for a few days.....I had a small fan sucking the air out.....Then when they were dry/crunchy to the touch I removed them from the stalks and brown bagged them....till I could squeeze and feel just a bit of moisture left... Finally whatever leaf matter hadn't fallen off I trimmed, then cured the buds.

    Matter what your situation is really. I am going to try hanging the whole tree again now that it is warmer out.

    :jointsmile: Bree

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