The Best way to dry out weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by osso87, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. osso87

    osso87 Registered+

    ok i bought an 8th off my bud, and he ses i ought to dry it out first, it is hard to grind and it keeps gettin stuck in the grinder, shall i dry it out, what is the best way to dry it? airing cupboard? hit me back fellow smokers! cheers! osso
  2. LIP

    LIP Banned

    You can put it in a paper bag, that will do it, leave it for a day... should all be good... and then hopefully it wont stick in your grinders teeth lol i get that sometimes, altohugh most of my bud is dry. I wouldnt buy weed thats wet, it weighs more so you'll get knocked.
  3. osso87

    osso87 Registered+

    yeh, i think i did get knocked! cheers for that lip! star!
  4. imagoober

    imagoober Registered+

    if its to moist you could get mold so drying is a good idea, it might have not been cured long to so in the process you might want to jar it! you could end up with a smoother smoke!:D
  5. osso87

    osso87 Registered+

    sweet man
  6. WeedLovingVeteran

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    Nice and easy........

    Empty the weed onto a piece of paper and then take a lamp of any kind that will be in close contact with the weed around 20cm or above apart and leave it their for around 5-10 minutes and your done.
  7. Easy Roller

    Easy Roller Registered+

    dry it on a sheet of paper in DARK cupboard..[light will reduce the content of THC!]

    Keep it warm and allow some ventilation every so often.

    Chop it up and it will dry faster..

    Over night should be long enough....

    or just smoke it in a pipe using scissers to cut it
  8. DazedNblazed

    DazedNblazed Registered+

    I was gonna say wrap it in a paper towel then put it like in your stash box or whatever you keep your weed in, but not for too long.

    But id say the people above me already covered this.
  9. Don Don

    Don Don Registered+

    Let it sit out in the open air for a little bit .Should dry out nicely.
  10. LiquidMagik

    LiquidMagik Registered+

    Yep, either let it sit in the open air in a dark area, or put it in an airtight jar with a paper towel, and let it sit in there for a day. Either should dry out the bud nicely.

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