The Definitive Green Dragon (Revised, Updated, Combined)

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Master Wu, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Hey guys. Awesome thread, and great job Master Wu. Creds! I have a question, however. Does anyone in here have any experiences with making GD using lower proof than 151? Where I'm from, 60% alcohol is the highest you can legally obtain, whereas 151 is 75%. I can certainly see how it's less than optimal, but does it really render the whole process impossible? :what:

    So has anyone tried, successfully or not, making GD with ~60% alcohol content?
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    I would like your recipe in whole. I just tried to make some in the way described by the OP, but could not get the mix to get up to 170 had the stove on as high as it would go and could only get to 150, not sure if it will have worked. I live in Colorado so maybe the altitude had something to do with it. Anyway I am a new medical user and am in extreme pain so would like to try your way as well to see if there is a difference.
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    Woooo first post! I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge being shared on these forums. The GD caught my eye as soon as I laid eyes on the website.

    I'm very interested in trying this, and I have some questions. (I have read 12 of 19 pages [my eyes grow weary!] and I haven't seen answers for me, but if I am repeating anything I humbly apologize)

    1. Master Wu has suggested that the best extraction temperature for the alcohol whilst in the hot water bath is 170F for 20 minutes. Does this mean the 20 minutes commences once 170F is attained? Or does it include the time required to reach 170F?

    2. Just to add some flavour I'm considering adding spearmint/peppermint extract. Will this cause me any negative side effects?

    3. Assuming one wanted to double the initial recipe, does the cooking time need to be increased?

    4. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada, which is an hours drive worth away from the Rocky Mountains. Will the altitude I live at have any significant impacts I should be made aware of???

    Again, I'm sorry if I'm just echoing previously asked questions, but I'm very OCD with things that require a specific procedure for success and I like to collect as much intangible data as I can before beginning.

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    Started my first batch before finding this thread, I didn't do the decarb but I did start with 2.5 oz of primo bone dry shake.

    Put it all in a 26er of 151 a couple days ago and left it alone aside from some occasional shaking.

    Now reading this today, I put it in a pot of boiling water and brought the temp up to the 170 area, shaking the contents every minute or so. It changed color from a deep forest green to a slightly muddier brownish green so I hoping thats a good sign. IT didn't change much, I didn't push the heat issue too much just wanted to help a bit without possibly hurting.

    Heres a couple pics of how it looked after heating, took a 15ml shot in a glass of coke half hour ago and have a decent body stone currently.



    I'm a bit of a super chronic these days, nothing gets me super baked, I'm hoping this peaks a bit more but as it is its done the trick.

    Thanks Wu, and everyone else contributing to this awesome thread :thumbsup:
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    almost 2 hours in and going strong, it did pick up a bit, comes in waves a bit it seems.

    thanks again! :smokin:

    P.S. I put it in the freezer now... haha figured why not, but do you think there is any problem in useing more than one extraction method on a batch?
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    Hello all,
    I'm brand new to these forums and I just started learning more about making the Green Dragon. Unfortunately I started my tinc before reading Master Wu's guide. The recipe that I followed was 1 gram per every 35ml of alcohol. I modified it some to try to make it more potent. I used 2 grams to 50ml of 192 proof spirytus. I started this on the 18th and I have been keeping in in the dark and swirling it around everyday. I didn't warm the green in the oven before adding it to the alcohol or heated them up together. I'm feeling like I screwed it up. If I have, is there a way to redeem it or should I chalk it up as a loss and follow the guide next time?
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    heh, went to sign up for an account to post in this thread, turns out I made one 4 years ago and only activated it just now. Mayhaps I've been partaking a little too much :stoned:

    So I've got a couple of tips for people trying this one out.

    I've noticed a few people are having problems maintaining the temperature of the cook or getting a weak batch. I think I might have a solution to this.
    First things first, always do your cook in one of these puppies. These common stainless steel kitchen mixing bowls not only conduct heat GREAT, they won't crack with temperature changes, they are wide with a deep base and of different sizes, don't tip over in a rolling boil, and best of all they float in water. This is great because it's very important to keep that container away from the base of the pan, having the container resting on the base totally defeats the purpose of the water bath and will cause your THC to vape during cooking.

    Next up, don't be worried about the max temperature of your alcohol, worry about your minimum temperature. The only thing having the alcohol as hot as it will go (173-180F depending on your purity of alcohol) is cause you to use a lot more alcohol in the cooking process to bring it to 20min. However if you do the process at a too low temperature you will not extract very much THC at all. 10deg too hot is more desirable than 10deg too cold (unless you're desperately short on extra alcohol ofc)

    Lastly, if you want to get maximum potency you'll need to do multiple washes on your mash. Now for me it's very important to get as much potency as possible, volume is not so important. My usual way of consuming this stuff is to drop 3 or 4 drips out of an eye dropper onto the top of a nice cone every once in a while. Really gives it a hell of a kick :hippy:
    Anyway, to do this with good effect I need to really get every bit of THC into a small amount of alcohol, the usual way of washing tends do actually dilute the final brew so I tried a different way.
    1. Start your second wash as normal, give it then 10 minutes you would normally allow, and then strain it off into a seperate container, if this looks quite clear skip to step 3
    2. Give it a third the same as the second and strain it into the container containing the second wash, this should come out fairly clear, but on the odd chance it hasn't repeat the wash process until your solution is near clear. The remains of all washes should go into the 'wash bucket' we're using.
    3. Pour the contents of the wash bucket into one of the larger steel bowls and place in the water bath, turn that baby up to maximum and vape all the alcohol away, you'll be left with some hash oil, now drop the temperature down to barely simmering
    4. Add the contents of the GD from your main wash, stir until all that hash oil is dissolved*, rebottle your GD and enjoy.
    * If you are having difficulty dissolving the hash oil, you should crank up the temps, reduce your main wash to hash oil, then add fresh alcohol to bring it up to it's original volume. The higher alcohol content in the fresh stuff should dissolve that sticky goodness

    I've got a couple questions for the more experienced guys too. I'm curious about isomerization, I understand the process of the heat method but not sure at what stage of the GD I should do it. Should I do it before the decarb, before the first wash, or reduce my final GD to hash oil and isomerise that? I would have thought it would be best in the green stage, but I'm not sure if water absorption would have a detrimental effect on the final product
    I'm also curious about the acid + heat method, I've heard lemon juice gives little to no effect. I was wondering if I could use citric acid powder supersaturated in hot water to maybe get a more effective acid? If citric acid proves to have no effect whatsoever I was thinking of making another supersaturated solution but with muriatic acid powder. That stuff is also known as hydrocloric acid and should certainly pack a punch.
    The big thing that worries me about the acid method is that it wouldn't vape with the alcohol during the cook process, meaning it'll be left in the GD and I'll get a nice mouthful of acid. Perhaps HCl is the breakfast of champions but I'm not game to try. I suppose I could use bicarb soda to neutralise the acidity, but I imagine it'll end up tasting absolutely foul. Anyone got some advice?
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    What kind of pan and how much water do you use for the bath with those stainless bowls? And can you describe the wash bucket part a bit? You put the alcohol in the wash bucket the first 3 times after straining? Then use it all again at once without any "mash"?
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    alright, read thru all the comments, my major question is the cooking of the of the leaf in the oven...5 minutes? The weed was warm, is that all that needs to be done? I didn't notice any color difference to it, no smoking or anything...I kept it in the for about 5 to 7 minutes. I'm assuming that this is some major step in the process and therefore I don't want to screw it up, so is it an exact sceince? Should I of seen a difference in the weed? Or am I just worrying to much? Any help will be greatly appreciated as I use this for medical purposes and I'm tired of smoking because my tolerance is so high now.
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    and I'm using half ounce of Diesel and a half ounce of Jack the Ripper...both strains I grow for myself...God...I hope this really fucks me up.
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    thanx, mastah

    Very nice recipe, I used everclear in mine...but I don't think I baked it long enough because I used a glass pan and not aluminum, but I left it in a bit longer and I think it kinda had more of an alcohol smell than cannabis, but I took two droppers around the end of a long night of drinking, and woke up with no hangover. I figured i'd post this before I took my next dose. Thanx again, dragon master Wu
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    I've been keeping this information to myself, until I had some results. The main things you need to do, to ensure that you have a successful tincture is. 1. Don't just use one strain (chances are it won't address very many issues) Use multiple strains . 2 Double, and triple soak your buds. 3. Press your weed squeeze every last drop out.
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    One thing to mention for those who have an electric stove at home -- you really need to measure the temperature your herb gets up to throughout the decarboxylation process, and vent when the oven gets hotter than what you ordered. That's because electric stoves are calibrated to work by keeping whatever is in the stove at a minimum of the temperature you specify. So if you set it to 250F once it's up to that temperature it will not drop below 250F but may go up by 100F. You really have to monitor this.

    To minimize this effect, run the stove at the desired temperature for a couple of hours, open the stove door as little as possible, and use metal covers over the stovetop. I've gotten the "temperature shift" down to about 35F that way. Also someone posted a pdf file with decarboxylation temperatures and how to reach the maximum THC levels -- forget those numbers, they're achieved using a constant-temperature oven, and no one has one of these in their houses.
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    Just tried making my first batch, and it was kind of a failure.when i put the bud in
    The mason jar and started to simmer it, i put the thermometer in the jar and brought it to about 165. To do this, the water was boiling fairly heavily. After about 6 minutes, all
    The alcohol had evaporated. I added some more and turned down the temp, but my yield ended up being alot less than it should have been. What did i do wrong? Was it thewater bath that was supposed to be 170 and not the mixture? It seemed like i was just too hot even though the thermometer said it was perfect
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    I'm new to the forum. I have two thoughts on this before I try making a batch.

    #1 - is anyone actually using this for pain management...and able to function after dosing?

    #2 - would putting some mint tea leaves in during the boil improve the taste? I figure its safe to consume...
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    The way I see it there is no way in hell you are going to get 30 doses out of only an 1/8 ounce of good herb. For edibles the dose is at least a grams worth of extraction or cannabutter for me and pretty much everyone else I've ever heard of in my entire life, At least... You can go 2 if your looking to get really stoned or smoke a lot. So you'll get like 2 or 3 or maybe 4 doses out of an eigth of herb. Not a cold shot in hell that your getting even 15 let alone twice that much. Unless master wu has special powers. Lol.

    You could probably get 30 good doses out of a full ounce.
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    Back in the day I isomerized nasty azz cannabis. When I say "back in the day" I mean 1976 when most of y'all where hang'n 'round lol. Had a device that looked like the "Volcano". Used really harsh chemicals but all burned off. Made the most amazing liquid gold. The chem reaction also increases the strength of the cannabis!!

    Sic Semper Tyrannus

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    I heard dat!

    When I say "back in the day, I'm talkin '68. :)

    Made some hash oil then using boiling lighter fluid. (basically,dirty naphtha)
    Want to guess how green it was?

    Sucked it into cigarettes, let it dry, and went to the midnight-movies.
    That's right they allowed smoking in theaters in Ohio.
    Don't remember the next 2 days, but I landed grinning. :D

    Aloha, y'all

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    Lol, guess we're revealing experience! Oil is really nice bro. Gonna experiment with some of me bounty. & of course this thred is extensive so will be easy to compare notes. Cheers big ears!

    Sic Semper Tyrannus

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    Respectfully disagree. I have found that when the right quality herb, and right extraction process (for cannabutter, oil, etc) is followed, a dose of between .20 - .25 gram (one fifth or one quarter gram) is sufficient to provide significant potency for the couple of dozen people that I have had try edibles.

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