The Definitive Green Dragon (Revised, Updated, Combined)

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Master Wu, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Absolutely works. I used 190 Everclear with 3.5g nice bud. 1 dropper great buzz. 2 droppers, stay in the house. Thanks.
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    Thanks for all this great info. QUESTION: For the initial grinding of the bud BEFORE Decarboxylate would either the Magic Flight Launch Box GRINDER OR the Santa Cruz Shredder work? If either which one is BETTER? thanks for your thoughts.
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    Did I do something wrong? It's very liquid. Is that right?
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    I've done this twice now to help friends going through chemo and it has been absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much! The first two times I made it, I used my crappy toaster oven for the decarbing process and it smoked after about 3 minutes, so I pulled it out. At the time I didn't understand what that process was for and was afraid I had ruined it! But it still turned out great. :) This last go around, however, I was working with another oven that had some temp issues. I toasted it a bit longer, but it never really got smokey, save for a little bit. I was afraid of toasting it too long and took it out. Well, I seem to have failed to activate the THC. So my question is, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN DECARBING HAS BEEN ACHIEVED? What are the tell tale signs? Is it supposed to smoke, and if so, to what extent? Turn a particular color, have a certain smell? I'm having a hard time finding this info anywhere on line and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks again,

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