The Definitive Green Dragon (Revised, Updated, Combined)

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Master Wu, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Absolutely works. I used 190 Everclear with 3.5g nice bud. 1 dropper great buzz. 2 droppers, stay in the house. Thanks.
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    Thanks for all this great info. QUESTION: For the initial grinding of the bud BEFORE Decarboxylate would either the Magic Flight Launch Box GRINDER OR the Santa Cruz Shredder work? If either which one is BETTER? thanks for your thoughts.
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    Did I do something wrong? It's very liquid. Is that right?
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    I've done this twice now to help friends going through chemo and it has been absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much! The first two times I made it, I used my crappy toaster oven for the decarbing process and it smoked after about 3 minutes, so I pulled it out. At the time I didn't understand what that process was for and was afraid I had ruined it! But it still turned out great. :) This last go around, however, I was working with another oven that had some temp issues. I toasted it a bit longer, but it never really got smokey, save for a little bit. I was afraid of toasting it too long and took it out. Well, I seem to have failed to activate the THC. So my question is, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN DECARBING HAS BEEN ACHIEVED? What are the tell tale signs? Is it supposed to smoke, and if so, to what extent? Turn a particular color, have a certain smell? I'm having a hard time finding this info anywhere on line and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks again,
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    This post is for all the Green Dragon wizards and/or Master Wu if you are still around.

    I cooked up my first batch and I think the altitude I live at is causing something of a problem. (I've seen this mentioned before, but no one answered it.) At my altitude, the mixture (151 Rum) starts to boil before getting to 170. (boils around 165 - 169 I think). I got the mixture up to 160 - 165 fairly quickly but after that it was very slow to go much higher. It finally did get to about 170. But by the time I "cooked" at 170 for about 10 minutes most of the liquid was gone. If I cooked much longer, it would have gone dry. My total time above 160 was over 20 minutes.

    I did a second "wash" with more 151 Rum and only cooked it at around 165. (As much as anything else I wanted to have liquid to add to the first little bit.) This reduced down to around 1oz. I put everything together and sampled it last night. It seems weaker than I expected. I know there are lots of other variables (weed quality, etc.)

    So, here's my question: Should I reduce the temp down to 160 so I can get a full 20 minute cooking time?... or, what temp for how long?... or other recommendations?
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    I suggest that you decarb the buds in an oven before extraction.

    At 170° F. it would take hours to decarb and as you saw the ethanol will have boiled away long before any useful decarb takes place.
    Once the buds are decarbed, ( ~ 250° F. for 35 minutes), there is no need to heat, and/or age the green dragon.
    And, if you do the extraction with all components kept below 32° F., you get "Golden Dragon", With no bitter chlorophyll taste and superior potency.

    Jus my two cents,

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    Weezard - Thanks for your reply. I guess I should have mentioned that I did decarb in an oven before moving to the extraction.

    I'm going to try the freezer method for extraction as well as the "sit in the cupboard for several weeks" method. I'm going to fix up a batch to freeze today. (Merry Christmas to me.) My goal here is to use all three methods and then determine which works best. It seems each method has it's advocates. Master Wu's method seems to have the advantage of being ready in the shortest time.

    So... any suggestions for Master Wu's method when cooking the ethanol (151 Rum) at altitude so the alcohol doesn't boil away too fast?
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    Yes. Do not "cook" the alcohol.
    It is not necessary.
    But, if you insist, use a reflux vessel.
    The alcohol boils off, then condenses and drips back into the tincture.
    You can run that for hours if you wish.
    If you can't find instructions to DIY a reflux rig, I'll walk you through it.
    Please post your progress and results with your side by side experimentation.
    It will be useful to all.

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    WOW talk about another level. I do not even know what to say....

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