the difference between hash and keif?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by twitch, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. twitch

    twitch Registered+

    do i need to say any more
    what is the difference between hash and keif besides the obvious

    this is a no smart ass thread
  2. CaptainDank

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    I know that the term "keif" could mean a couple different things depending on where you live, but around here (Ann Arbor), keif is the powdery, crystally stuff that covers a nug. I put that stuff on top of my bowls, gives the biggest rips ever! :jointsmile:
  3. josemartinez915

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    to me-
    kief = loose, untreated trichnomes
    hash = pressed trichnomes
    im not big on hash so thats all i think i know
  4. PamStoner

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    Yep that's the difference pretty much. The def. of hash has changed over the years. Now it's usually meant that the trichomes have been collected with ice and water and then pressed into bubble hash. It can also be collected with a dry silk screen and then pressed.

    Years ago hash was the dust collected from the bottom of the bag and pressed. Usually with some kind of binder like oil.
  5. CultureCherryPopper

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    Kief is the the powder that can collect in grinders that have a bottom screen. Good to save and add to a bowl full o' buds. Makes everything burn nicely and rips your face off. Hash, see above post.
  6. twitch

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    ok i didnt know if something happened in the process of turning
    keif into hash, i have a pollen box so i am regularly collecting keif
    when i saw the finger hash post i had to make some. i smoked it
    and i didnt get any higher if i would have smoked the keif raw

    i do see the marketing aspect of it it is easier to cut off .2 .4 .1
    and sell then weighing out powder

    thanks for the responses guys
  7. Backpacker420

    Backpacker420 Registered+

    Yeah I have always thought that kief was referring to loose trichromes that could be sprinkled on some bud, and hash was compressed together.
  8. bioguy

    bioguy Registered+


    Hash is just pressed kief but you must start with a high grade kief. The Kief can be not as good, as good or better than hash depending on the screen size used to collect it. If it forms a ball that doesnt crumble when pressed, the oil content is high and its good. This ball is hash. BUT most keif (like the stuff in your grinder) has too much plant matter to compress naturally. Its got tons of trichs but also some plant matter (way less than bud but a little more than hash)
  9. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    keif is hash just not the purest. one of the oldest methods of hash making is the sift method where you sift the bud over a screen and just the crystals are supposed to fall. it is very effective and very good to smoke, if you collected enough keif you can press it and it could take a more hash like appearance. Other hashishes are more in depth as far as cleaning and collecting the raw thc tricomes.
  10. ForgetClassC

    ForgetClassC Registered+

    Well when you make hash with just keif, than you press the tricomes hard enough to have some rupture releasing the oil/resin that is sticky, making it stick together and sometimes change color.

  11. williboy

    williboy Registered+

    Does it really matter, put it into a good vape and it will work it's majic big time.
  12. thenightbadger

    thenightbadger Registered

    I've always thought hash would be more potent than kiff(kief, keef, it's just one of those words that only stoners use and people spell it all sorts of ways haha) But I think hash is more concentrated, but both are sure to get you as stoned as I am right now.
  13. Graywolf

    Graywolf Registered+

    Locally Kif is a collection of dry sieved trichomes and Hash is a pressed collection of trichomes, collected by any means.
  14. LuLzBoaT

    LuLzBoaT Registered+

    Make the Turkish way.......screen and stick beating with ground up pound of goods. Best stuff on earth. Lemme load some Polm now lulz.

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