The downsides of legal recreational weed

Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by MadSciencetist3.0, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. MadSciencetist3.0

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    Quality decrease: 80+% of legal weed sucks compared to the Seattle BM before if one was well connected. It’s like Chinese restaurants: most of the people doing it are not professional artists in their fields. In WA State you can’t smell it before buying either. Advice: Read the labels. don’t settle for anything under 27% THC, 30+ is better.

    Landlords: Now your landlord can put “no MJ” on your lease if you rent. Like no cigarette smoking, they can evict your ass from the smell. In fact, unless you own your home, it’s illegal to smoke weed anywhere here. The good news is the cops won’t bust you.

    Driving: Now they can test you on the spot, and if you’re a regular user you will fail and get a DWI. Good news is that they are having trouble getting it to stick if you get a lawyer.

    Tracking: They run your driver’s license through a scanner through a networked device at the door before entry to the weed store (mandatory). They say it just checks your age; I don’t believe them. Tip: always pay in cash.

    Loss of livelihood for many street/poor people: It used to be that of you had a 5 by 10 room and a 1000 watt HPS/metal halide system w/ hydro and quality strains you could feed your family pretty well. Same went for the kids distributing. Now you gotta get a job cause the state gets it all. I suspect that in my younger days as a street person on the ave, I would not have survived without weed sales. It was my tax free bread and butter for many years. This is why I voted no to legal weed.

    The state is squeezing the producers: In order to stamp out BM MJ, the state has dropped the price to sub 80’s levels by cutting the growers sell price. No one has made money yet with a few exceptions being those in the business before the legality. The state always gets paid though by the 300% tax: 100% each for the growers, packagers, and sellers last I read.


    Easy weed anytime, edibles, shatter/hash oil and vaporizers, and an unbelievable menu at around $10/gram for the good stuff. It’s overwhelming to an old coot such as myself. It used to be when you bought weed there was only one brand available, and you bought it and left watching your back walking quickly around the corner. It was either good or poop. Now you gotta know your strains and ask by name. Gorilla glue #4 hybrid (select strains) at 31% is my new favorite, but I will probably never see it again, as you can never find the same bag twice unless you go back tomorrow. And I should go back, as it’s the best bag I’ve gotten in over a year. I also have to recommend the CO2 extraction hash oil vaporizer pens. It’s the ultimate modern stealth smoke: No smell, no fuss or muss associated with high grade hash oil At 60-80% THC, @2 tokes it lay’s one low and slow like there’s nowhere to go and feelin the flow like Moe (woo woo woo {Curly reference}). The early worm gets to squirm my man, good life is a heady mix of love and pain. Canigettagoddamnstraight from you bitch MF’s up in here today????
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  2. EvilCartman

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    I think I'm gonna like it. :cool: (MA)

    The main reason I'd visit a pot-shop, is to remind me why I grow.
    Nein! There will be no down-side in my neighborhood. :jointsmiley:
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  3. Weezard

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    Not a problem in Hawaii.
    Only got medical.
    Dispensaries have been legal since July 16th.
    But they have yet to open the first one. :(
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  4. tangentweed

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    I prefer the "upsides" list.
    I'm a big advocate of growing one's own for personal use in both med and rec states.
    That way you know what you're getting, where it came from, how it was grown and get the personal satisfaction of seeing the wonders of nature in action.
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  5. AddieRose

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    I don't think the "tracking" thing is in effect. I have been to numerous pots shops and very rarely do I get asked for my driver's license, and the few times I have, they just looked at it and gave it back. There is also no "gatekeeper" type people at the pot shops I frequent. Customers just enter and stand in line.
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  6. PMoore

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    Just think about the upside. Yeah, there are downsides but sooner or later most of the states will really legalize recreational mj.
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  7. ducjackie

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    i really like this
  8. Sarah Chitwood

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