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    hi all,

    I have a new grow underway and this time I'm looking for even more multiple tops. In the past, I have done the Topping technique and have had good results. I usually get 2 main tops instead og one, and more growth to the side branches and such, but I have heard and seen the results of this FIM technique. From what I see, you get multiple tops instead of just the 2 split off with the Topping technique.

    I searched the FAQ's and came up empty handed. In about a months time, I want to try this technique out. Would anyone care to explain to me how it's done? I know with topping you cut off about 80% of the new emerging growth, so how is FIMming done? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smokin:

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    Ok, please excuse my ignorance. I have also looked high and low for good, clear info on FIMing. From what I understand, it is similar to topping, yet different.


    Is it topping the plant at the new growth before it has a chance to develop?

    Is it topping and then topping the two new growths very soon after?

    Well, I don't think it's the second one, because I think you do it all at one time. I've seem some people say FIM stands for "Fuck I Missed!"

    I'm so confused. :confused::confused::confused: I saw your post W33dman27 and even your pictures, but for some reason I still don't get it.

    Can someone who understands W22dman27's post or know tehmselves how to explain it differently? Thanks :)

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    :confused: Ok, well, it doesn't really seem that you are even 100% sure of what you're saying.

    Are you saying that it is just topping and re-topping to continue to double the nodes, along with a special way of slicing??? When we top, the sliced part doesn't grow, it's the 2 nodes next to it that do...


    Yes, still confused. That has been one concept that I have not been able to wrap my head around somehow. It is disconcerting. :( :upsidedow

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    when you top a plant you do it right above a node just snip it off then that node grows 2 new branches, you can do this to every new growth shoot making a possible of 8+ main cola's depending how many diffrent branches you topped.
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    does anyone know how this compares to SCROG in terms of yield? Or speed?

    I imagine your plant would need some recovery time after topping.
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    Well, I'm going to have to do a little more research on the subject, but I seem to remember FIMing being a particular METHOD of slicing the node or the new growth tip. What I'm seeing here is that it is just multiple toppings. That doesnt seem right to me? :confused:

    Cornelius, I think that this is the same as preparing for a Scrog grow. You make as many tops as you can all growing at relatively the same level. But this does not answer my question about the FIM Technique.


    Still in the Dark


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    Thanks for the replies people! :thumbsup: Much aprreciated.

    I feel like such a knob though. I pretty much answered my own question with my question. I went back and read a HT mag. last night that I remebr seeing details on topping and FIMming. I got it all backwards in my question. I've been out of the growing game for a few months and I got confused. It said: To Top a plant, you cut the top directly off, but to FIM a plant, you cut off 80% of the new emerging growth, and leave 20% in tact. Sound right to you?

    I'll read through everything posted here a little more thoroughly. Thanks again! :smokin:
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    wen i top my plants i dont cut it right off, i just pinch off the new new groth, leaving 2 new leaves/heads. by the time these 2 new heads uptop are ready to start growing again the lower/out heads have caught up to about the same level. i generaly get 5 heads from one topping. ill take a pic in a few days of some new growth, its a fantastic way to give ur plants many more heads.
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    lol oh i realise thats just the FIM method
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    Thanks, Bodom. I haven't looked at the sites yet but I will tonight. From the other responses, I'm sure thats just the ticket. And from NoChowderForYou's response, it seems like I was pretty close. Can't wait to try it. We've had excellent luck with topping and pruning. :D

    Hopefully I will figure out why I'm not able to upload pictures and fix that then update my thread JOURNAL OF A MADMAN. ;) Check it out. Thanks guys.

    Be cool.

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    FIM Technique: There is a topping method known as the FIM technique. If you push the leaves apart at the very top of the plant you should see a small bud (not a flowering bud but an actual leaf bud). use a pair of nail clippers to pinch off about 3/4 of the bud. this should result in more than two top colas being developed. In a single FIM clipping you can produce up to eight new top colas. The Origins of this technique are humorous. as the story goes, FIM was discovered accidentally when a grower messed up a topping exercise. FIM stands for "Fuck I Missed".

    Book: The Cannabis Grow Bible by: Greg Green
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    Nochowderforyou, If there was some way we could speak privately.. I need to discuss something with you.
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