The First Person To Ever Smoke Weed

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by JDiz, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. JDiz

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    I was just thinking about weed and all it's glorious capabilities and whatnot, and I was just thinking... how cool would it be to go back in time and watch the first person smoke weed. I just imagine some wild indian warrior running through the forest to kill a deer or something and he stops and sees some tall pointy plants that he's never seen before. He's out of tobacco so he decides what the hell... so he takes out his peace pipe and smokes it and has the old familiar feeling we all get and takes it back to his tribe. After some convincing he finally gets the other indians to smoke it and all of the sudden they become all happy and peaceful, and they invite the other tribes that they're at war with to smoke out and they just talk out their differences and work together for prosperity and goodwill. Then the white man comes along and takes it away from them and makes it illegal, despite the fact that they were there first and they discovered it. Kind of a sad story... Sorry if it bums anyone but maybe someday it will be legalized and we can all be one big happy tribe of humans on this planet with no war or racism or politics.
  2. FindingTim

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    that is an awesome theory. Native American life must have been so badass..:Rasta:
  3. JDiz

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    hell yes!
  4. m.g.

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    LOL, i've tried picturing that too! and what i came up with is some poor caveman got chilly in the late fall temps and needed a fire for warmth. he gathered up these log-looking things and tossed em into the fire and bitched as the smoke followed him around the fire pit circle...but only for a short time. soon he didn't care about the smoke, in fact the smoke only added to his feeling of well-being, he realized...and the rest is history.
  5. JDiz

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    yep, that's a cool theory man. Imagine being able to smoke and absolutely noone would know or care because you were the only person on the planet who knew, and it was your mission to spread the good news!!!!
  6. Maui Wowie

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    Good story but wouldn't that be the mexicans?
  7. shoi

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    i saw this thing on this show and it was these ppl in europe i think and theyd make these giant bon fires and then throw the plants on them and put up a tent and all get under it and breath in the smoke
  8. halo

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    The first hotboxing.:)
  9. JDiz

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    mexicans? Yes and no... mexican lineage is a cross between the native tribes of mexico and the spanish who invaded them and raped their women and left. So in a way... sorta? I don't know hahaha.
  10. Tom Swierzbinski

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    Actually, its thought that Herb first came from high up in the mountains in Eastern Europe. So, it was probably the Chinks that first got stoned, although Im guessing that they used it medicinally instead of recreationally. As it circled the world, more and more people used it recreationally... which I dont have a problem with, seeing as I use Herb instead of alcohol.

    The first dealer was, however, Jesus.
  11. CBsDankNugs

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    didnt it come from inda
  12. JDiz

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    Jesus? I did not know that! :)
  13. Tom Swierzbinski

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    Course Jesus was a dealer. No wonder he had to feed 5,000 people - they had the friggin munchies, and of course they all believed that he could walk on water. They were just too stoned to care if he wasnt or not.
    Why do you think everyone was upset when Jesus died? Because Jerusalems biggest weed pusher was finished.
  14. yoda

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    lol, the trends that they set back then....
  15. 420mory

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  16. JDiz

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  17. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    LOL White man, your so racist xD. Like the story though.
  18. BuenoMota

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    autonomy rocks.
  19. Big Calhoun

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    It was probably Adam, right before he stroked Eve.
  20. baisez le monde.

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