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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by 16 times green, Aug 28, 2004.

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    yeh i know it sounds dumb but fuck it. i'm a first time grower with some decent seeds looking for a small grow place and i was wondering if i could use a biggggggggggg fish tank.
    what kinda lights would i need?,
    what kinda heating system would i need?
    Any thing else i need apart from the obvious things.
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    You could actually use the fishtank for a hydroponic setup. Lights depend on how much you are willing to spend and how big of a place you want to grow in. You will also need to read up on growing before you start to.

    That site shows a way to make a simple hydro setup. You can just make the appropriate changes for the fishtank. Also there are tons of sites online that help with everything. Good luck.
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    If you use a fish tank for a hydroponic system, algae will be a big problem. Be sure to cover the sides and top in a way that no light will reach the water. In other words make it light tight.
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    good link , cheers BB
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    you could just add dirt in there too, and do a soil grow.
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    yeah, you could make holes in the bottom (loads) and then put a female plant into the tank. It would get loads of light
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    Fish tank

    Dude you can listen to what you want but the truth be told i started my plants outside when they got about 1 foot i moved them into my fish tank 80 gallon and put a bad ass lighting system on it and now you should see it lolits all ready buddind at 3 feet and its beautiful smells awsom bro stright norhtern lights lookin and im not no expert but iv been growning them in a picture a pooring picture lol and i havent water them for 2 weeks and the soil is perfect not to dry and not wet to rot the roots so idk what people are doing but hey my method works great for me but like most say a little TLC is the best so who knows lol other have there ways tooo....
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    If you only do things half-assed, you'll only get half-assed results, if you are lucky.
    Get the right stuff for your grow. It'll be worth it in the long run.

    Doubtful anyone would want to go this route. A "bad ass" lighting system...? No water in two weeks...? No drainage, no air to the root system...? Then there's the light creating algae in the inside, and light killing the roots exposed along the sides...I'm just not a believer in doing things half-assed.
    Moving from outside also has it's disadvantages, such as importing bugs into your home.
    But, as you stated're no expert. And since this is the case, am curious why you would interrupt someone elses' thread to post crap like this?

    ...Would love to see pix of this, tho. Especially the "bad ass" lighting, lol.
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