The Funk!

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by Humboldt215, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Humboldt215

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    It was wild I rode over around parked my bike and set the tent up next to it the music rocked! lots of people everywhere and no hassles.

    Lots of different bands through the day and nite then George Clinton and the Funks hit the stage it ROCKED!! total psychadellic trip but that might have been from the massive amounts of weed I smoked and this 'cosmic' tea this hippie chik I met had. we partied the night away and was well worth it.

    If anybody gets to go in the future its definately worth it.

    Reggae On the River is coming up soon and there is also now a second choice to that, it is called Reggae Rising!! a completely different event. Which just meens MORE PARTYING!

    So c'mon up to humboldt lets get fucked up!

    The ride bak home was a little rough! LOL

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  2. Lanietheberner

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    Where was this at?

    The palm trees in the background sure don't look like any trees in the North State I've ever seen!

    It looked like to was a "purely educational" get together, wish I was there!!!:thumbsup:
  3. shmokin420

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    I'm bummed I missed it. Did you see The Coup? I am a big fan of theirs.
  4. Humboldt215

    Humboldt215 Registered+

    The images are just randoms from google as cameras werent even allowed.
  5. painretreat

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    Sounds cool. would be nice to have a group to go to things like this! Most likely, against rules! thanks 4 letting us know we misse a great event. GLAD You had such a great time, envious! ;)P.R.
  6. Humboldt215

    Humboldt215 Registered+

    good idea!

    That sounds like a good idea!

    There is alot of stuff going on, its just starting up here, this weekend is 3 day 'Redwood Run' a total biker event with lots of bands, beer, pot, bikes & women. Some idiot also planned the Rodeo this weekend along with graduation (its gonna be packed in so hum!)

    Anybody wanna ride over and party at the run? Redwood Run 2008 Its being billed as the north coasts ultimate biker party with bands like Creedance Clearwater Revival, RATT, Marshall Tuckier, etc.

    Reggae on the River and Reggae Rising are in july and august so still plenty of summer fun!

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  7. Lanietheberner

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    The last time I saw Marshall Tucker was...

    when they place for a benefit for a local 215 doctor to help pay his legal bills! It was lots of fun, nice music, beatiful day, great muchies.....

    I like the fact that these guys were part of this benefit and donated their music towards this effort. What a classy thing for these guys to do!!!!

  8. Lanietheberner

    Lanietheberner Registered+

    opp's I meant....

    "Played" not place.... OK, no more Mountain Dew for me this evening!!!! LOL!!!
  9. painretreat

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    The Funk

    omg, all my favorite places! I need a bike? that would certainly be my element! Thanks! PR my spelling is Costco Water! Oops! :thumbsup:
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  10. REALDope.

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    That shit was off the hook..... burnin blunts to Damien Marley then hit up that crazy ass rave. Wild night. Glad you could attend mr. Humboldt. Deff a weekend to remember. :Rasta::Rasta:
  11. xcrispi

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    Too sweet 215
    Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow !!!!!!
    Glad to see George is looking to be in better shape than in the past .
    Peace bro.
    Crispi :jointsmile:
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  12. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    is Redwood Run still run by the MMA/R&W ? ... used to make that run years ago :thumbsup:
  13. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    never mind, I enlarged one of the posters, and found it ... Redwood run is now done by the 'Redwood Kiwanis' ... :wtf: ... and, Las Vegas is owned by the Disney Corp., .. I am getting soooo old :jointsmile:
  14. Humboldt215

    Humboldt215 Registered+


    Damn IR, I was actually trying to bait you into going!

  15. JeffersonBud

    JeffersonBud Banned

    I remember first hearing of the funk while watching PCU as a kid. anyone remember this movie?

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