The Greatest Bible Verse Ever

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by skyascending, Dec 10, 2008.

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    "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be... And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:29-31).

    It's interesting to note that, though the United States was founded in accordance with the Bible and Christian principles, this verse was somehow overlooked when marijuana was made illegal.

    I would love to ask Christians who are anti-cannabis why they feel that way when God has explicitly stated that he approves of marijuana use.
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    the United States was founded for religious freedom. people were being persecuted in england (the protestants) so they came to america. while it is true that america is steeply based in religious conviction (Christian obviously!).

    now fast forward a couple hunderd and a half years. that's part of the problem with politics. politicians vote based on their personal beliefs rather than what's best for the people. (think gay marriage, cannabis etc) how many times have you heard a politician say i voted this way because of my beliefs. it's an oxymoron! you don't vote based on your personal opinions, you vote, once again, based on what's best for the people.

    public office is just that, PUBLIC! you are servents of the masses. that's part of the problem. the greeks expected everyone to get into politics, it was your duty to society. you served and that was that. these days, not including the president, there is no limit to how long you can stay in office.

    it's your job to make change, not complain. not that you are. i'm just saying.

    and for all of you Christians out there, you don't get to pick and choose which part of the bible are applicable! it's either all or nothing, you f*ckin fake a$$ hypocrites! religion is big business....and who controls america....big business.

    it's been this way since the beginning of time. go back and look at history. religion was the law of the land for a very long time. once people started to introduce views that opposed the church, the church retaliated. the roman catholic church murderd people calling them witches and heretics for prophseying and studying science. at one point in history is was, some say 5 million women in a (i think) 300 year period for this reason alone. my numbers are probably a little off (this is coming from memory), sorry. that's why to this day, women don't hold high power positions in the roman catholic church. this dates back to pagan rituals of men worshipping women because women have the ability to make life. paganism was a major religion before christianity took over.

    isn't it funny that a religion, based on prophets and predictions murder people claiming them to be exaclty what your religion is based on? hmmmm, food for thought!

    of an interesting side not, i read a book once, it said that this guy from ancient egypt, can't remember his name was the first known monotheist in history and very quite possibly the first homosexual in recorded history as well? funny how things work and get twisted to fit your warped reality.

    sorry to get off on a tangent, but there really is no simple answer.


    edit: what about all the inaccuracies of the bible? like in genesis (1:26 i think) it says let US create them in OUR image under OUR likeness. where are the dinosaurs? there are also mistranslations as well, like moses parted the reed sea and not the red. never believe everything told, read or that you see. it's your responsibility to sort through the information and come to your own conclusions!
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    The Bible and Cannabis

    To add strength to your point I go by the old saying, "Man made BOOZE and GOD made MARIJUANA, who do you trust :thumbsup:?
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    God is looking down at us, shaking his head.

    How's it going eltone?
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    I believe this was the only bible verse in the entire Cypress Hill Black Sunday album. Very important! It seems to me that religious freaks are a little crazy because they rationalize things in their head so much that they get to pick and choose which parts of the man translated bible works for them. But who am I to judge I pick what parts of the "laws" Im gonna follow!
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  6. Weelittlelasey

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    Also note that that's not exactly what it says in the Bible. That might be what it says in general but that's a little bit out of each verse put together.
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    I thought the same thing once...I don't remember precisely what I was told but it was something relevant to "rose bushes didn't used to have thorns but they do now"

    gotta remember that religion is a good way to get the masses to go in a certain direction...and they take the rule of law in a lot higher regard than morality for some reason..:wtf:
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    I am a sincere Christian, and a lifelong pothead ... sorry, that Bible verse in no way advocates marijuana ... you can believe that if you like, no matter ... but, as my Pastor likes to say " OK, if that's true, then maybe you should try smoking Poison Oak, too" ... same argument, same nonsensical conclusion ... :smokin:
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  10. headshake

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    how can you be so sure reaper? i'm not knocking you, i'm just asking. you, or i for that matter, don't really know what that verse means. it's like many of the truths we cling to, it has to do with our point of view. what about other plants you can smoke? "my pastor said so so it's true!" (not implying this is your thought either, but it is for many) that's the worst excuse i've ever heard. it's like saying please force feed me my beliefs. no thanks.

    the bottom line is that WE don't know what the bible means. even if you are a christian aren't you told a lot of it is written in parables, and jesus spoke in parables so only his true followers would know his meanings.

    the bible is merely one point of view. it is our job the sort through the rubble and sort out this mess. what about the islam? islam is basically an extension of christianity. jihad, didn't even used to mean what it does today. it used to mean just living the good fight, trying your best everyday to be a good muslim. and what about jews? they believe in the old testement. so this just goes to show it's about point of view, and you can't say right or wrong either way. it's FAITH, or blind belief. you can't even prove to me that god exists! FAITH!

    faith is no different for scientist. they have to have faith to pursue their lifelong study of something. they have a hypothesis (educated guess) and proceed to research from there. is that not faith, to dedicate your life to something. sounds like it to me. blind belief. hmmm.

    i'm not saying there is or isn't a god. in my opinion, there has to be somebody responsible for all of this. too much coincidence. but did evolution happen, absolutely! as to all scientific evidence we have right now suggests yes. i said EVIDENCE! once again, you can't prove god, either way. so why would i put all of my eggs in that basket? i don't. they go hand in hand. and the pope (used to be in hitler's youth, wtf?) and the roman catholic church are full of it. they try to discredit evolution and science. it's because they fear the loss of their power. l

    look at the nights templar. when king phillip of france and pope clementine (i think) had a deal because they both hated the templars. and they feared their power. they had a carte blanche (blank check) from the vatican because they had something that the vatican didn't want released to the public, or so the story goes. so on the 13th of one month (which happened to be a firday, well hell i don't know, maybe the 13 or 1500's. something like that, there were standing orders for the templars accross europe to be raided, captured, tortured, made to confess to being heretics and satan worshipers and crucifix defamers.

    that's were bad thoughts come from when it has to do with friday the 13th!

    the christians are some of the worst abusers of people in history. what about the something like 30 miles of shelves in a vault in the vatican library? books locked away, considered as heresy. some of the books said to be there are the gnostic texts, or texts that were submitted to constantine's summit dealing with christianity. constantine was a pagan. his mother, while in the middle east picks up christianity. she tell him about it. constantine was one of the most brilliant leaders/genreals ever. he was very smart. he knew christianity was spreading like wildfire so he held a summit. basically, texts for the new testament were submitted. do you think just 4 books were written? there were over 30. one was the gospel of judas. which as of recently has been proved as authentic. only the four gospels were chosen though.

    todays christianity is merely a ripoff of the teachings of jesus. it was taken and warped to control the masses. i'm not making this up. i'm not saying it's all true. history is written by the winner. the losing culture/society is absolved into the winners. some traditions and values etc. get intertwined into the winnings society, but many are lost forever.

    the catholic church is the single largest land owner in the world! not to mention probably has one of the biggest collections of (priceless)

    jesus, couldn't have been jesus without judas. judas was merely a cog in a much bigger machine. judas catches a bad rap. jesus knew this. it was as it had to be. many think judas (which can mean jew) became hated because the jews had something to do with jesus' death, although it was pontius pilot (sp) that had him killed. after his death people wanted to separate themselves from jews. so judas just worked.

    i won't even touch mary magdelene or anything else.

    just do your own reseach people. do beleive what you read, hear or see. find the truth for yourself.

    there is an afircan proverb that goes something like this:

    "until the lions have their historians, the hunt will always favor the hunted."

    good stuff.


    edit: good stuff too revanche! you posted that as i was writing this!
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  11. Revanche21

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    “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” - Stephen Henry Roberts
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  12. Breukelen advocaat

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    The United States was not "founded in accordance with the Bible and Christian principles". Most of the Founding Fathers were Deists and Unitarians, not Christians. They were Freethinkers, a by-product of the Enlightenment. They believed in a "creator" deity, but not in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

    Here's some more:
    Our Founding Fathers Were NOT Christians
  13. mysensiherb

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    So ive been thinking about this for a while

    I dont neccesarily believe it.
    what if god placed cannabis here for us to be tempted like he placed the apple in heaven and told eve not to eat it but the devil egged her on so she did anyway. What if the apple in heaven is like cannabis on earth?
  14. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    Forbidden Fruit creates many Jams
  15. headshake

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    why do you suppose that they swear politicians in on bibles and why do military personnel swear an oath with God in it? i'm not arguing your point. this very well could be. just a question.

    and i appreciate the info!

  16. Breukelen advocaat

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    In order to survive in the modern world (post 18th Century) religion has intruded into the government, which is something that the Founding Fathers were unanimously against.

    In God We Trust was put on currency, part of the Pledge of Allegiance was changed to the words "One Nation Under God" (formerly "One Nation Indivisible
    "), and much more.
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  17. jahblessme

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    it is frustrating to be a christ follower and see how america chooses to look at christianity. Now I am an avid reader of the bible. I also am an advid pot smoker. But I could never tell my church that. I agree that the bible states that God gave us cannabis, for our SPIRITUALITY! Thats the thing....God...Jesus...yeah they hate religion. They want you to be spiritual and one of the ways I believe to getting there is smoking weed. I smoke ...I pray....I think... and God gives me about that? lol!
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  18. theforthdrive

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    and this puts you at odds with 95% of your church. Honestly, I would not even call you a christian. Just someone that hasnt completely .... um, Im not sure how to put it. But youre on the right track!
  19. Revanche21

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    God fearing atheist?

    PS: I recommend anyone with the brainpower and time and effort to get the book: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

    I think its pretty important to get to the bottom of this dabble between whether there is a god or not after all it does affect our lives in considerable ways
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  20. hazetwostep

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    the Bible is SILENT on the issue... it was left to interpretation

    the bible doesn't speak clearly on the issue. there are scriptures to support both arguments, so it is PURELY left up to interpretation like most things.

    funny thing is that even if it was spoken clearly about, it could most likely be argued by claiming it was a "cultural commandment" like not eating pork and not cutting your sideburns. the bible says for men and women to sit on different sides of the church and for women not to speak in church... how many churches in america obey those commands?

    one could always battle with the "translation" argument... key issues like the "doctrine of the trinity" have caused massive division and opposing sides are both "positive that their translation is more accurate". so many factors all point to personal opinion and interpretation, the very cause of hundreds of divisions in christianianity.

    if jesus thought marijuana use was an important issue he would have spoken clearly about it like he did regarding MAJOR ISSUES like loving your neighbor and caring for the sick, poor, widowed, and orphaned. weed was in use long before jesus' time but he did not address it.

    The greatest scripture to me...
    Roman 13:8 - Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

    That sums up spiritual truth in my opinion. I do not believe jesus was divine but i do admire the core of his teachings and think he was an enlightened human. It confounds me though that people who claim to follow "jesus christ's teachings" put as much time and effort into fighting issues like gay rights and others when there is an "endless sea" of poor and broken to be cared for that he directed to make priority.

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