The Growing Styles and Logs Thread! Submit yours!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stinkyattic, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I thought this would be a great idea:
    There is a TON of grow wisdom kicking around this forum but sometimes it is hard to find, as it's buried in peoples' grow logs.

    So this thread is going to be a collection of links to logs that are excellent examples of a certain style of indoor growing.

    These are the categories I can think of off the top of my head:

    Perpetual harvest
    Sea of Green (SOG)
    Screen of Green (SCROG)

    Soil (Classic)
    Soil (Organic)
    Coco Fibre

    Deep Water Culture (DWC)
    Nutrient Flow Technique (NFT)
    Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain
    Hybrid or modified hydroponic techniques


    Automatic Drip to Waste
    Recirculating drip

    Grow tent
    CFL-Only micro/cabinet grow
    Multi-room grow
    Single-stage grow
    Multi-room grow with breeding capability

    Obviously your grow will fall into more than one of these categories, so specify which ones, and I'll get this thread all full of links!

    A note, there are going to be lots of deletions in this thread as logs are added and I merge them with posts that have comparable grows.

    No one be offended if I miss you at first! There's a TON of info to sift through, so post your log and I'll put it in the right category!!!
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  7. dragonbud

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    hi stinky , grow is very simple , it consists of just good quality tub compost i jugeded this on the guys advise at garden center and price (more expensive 6.99 50ltrs) with 15% perlite and thats it .
    but seems to work.I put them under 2 40watt flurs and then under a 600watt hps as explained in my grow log .
    2nd grow but first log
  8. Forwhat420

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    sounds fun. I think i will partake. So i am running a 400hp for vegging and 600 for flowering. i was spending 20 bucks a bag for fox farm soil but thanks to stinky i adopted the importance of humus.. So i picked a few bags of mushroom compost with humus. I mixed 50/50 with pro mix. Ferts are Fox Farms veg mix and tiger bloom for flowering. I have currently a nice size white widow along with three other bag seeds that were nice up under the 600.i have a few clones of each going under the 400. will post picks this evening.
  9. stinkyattic

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    Hey guys, what I'm trying to do on this thread is collect links to peoples' grow logs and sort them by style... so how I'm going to run this thread is, post up the link of your grow log and the style it is, and i will add it to the proper category and then delete that post... see what I'm saying?
  10. Zcomp

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    My link's in the Sig.
    Dual-stage. One Veg closet, One Flower. No pics of my Veg Room though.
    Perpetual harvest is my aim. I just threw my first clone in the Flower(after 3-weeks Veg), it goes in with a girl that will be ready in 1 mo.
    I do ScroG, Soil at the moment(moving to soiless with clones).
    My nutes are organic and chemical.
    I hope this conforms to your sticky :)
  11. the image reaper

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    there ya go again, Stinky ... thinking more than a small handful of people actually READ anything in here ... why read, when ya can just ask the same question over and over, expecting your own, personal answer ?? ...
    - the cantankerous old fart :smokin:
  12. hydrocannabis

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    hey stinky U can put my thread in the scrog category. the pix on the last page R the best of em all.
    and I just sampled 1 of the 6 days dryed and cured buds.
    and it rocked my world like a mofo.

    and I thinks my grow log is inspirational if nothing else. ya know.:D

    because that scroged bush was a re-veged plant I had from befor. and it almost DIED on me 2 times after I re-veged it a few weeks.

    AND on the 2ed time around she yielded a hell of a lot more colas than she did the first time.
    and she flowered for 10 full weeks.

    and by the time of harvest she was only a maxx of hight 6-7 inches above the top of the soil.:D:jointsmile:

    and she had 23-25 top colas that were about 3-4 inched long.
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  15. SnSstealth

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    not sure what category we go in, but feel free to add ours!!! in signiture...we all really appreciate the time and interest you put into our grows. this site is AMAZING in its help and info...keep it up!!!

    organic soil LED in signiture...thanks for making this thread stinky;)
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  16. stinkyattic

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    You know what, it looks like you guys are doing a good job of adding your own links in this thread so just go ahead and keep doing that, with a quick writeup of what style you consider it primarily to be! This is a good thread, keep 'em coming!

    Here's mine:
    Containerized vertical modified modular NFT lol...
    Part I:
    Part II:

    Soilless indoor [ProMix] hand-watered, veg=flouro, flower=HPS,with outdoor flowering as well, keeping moms, perpetuating an IBL:
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  19. phixion

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    iv grown LR#2 in a closet grow with a 200 watt envirolite with 2700k spectrum
    mg soil
    ionic bloom(soil)
    tap water
    24/7 light
    she is almost ready for harvest.....:Rasta:
    it is in a thread called "my first grow LR#2" in the indoor section.
    sorry stinky but i dont know how to set up a link.(new to all this)
  20. stinkyattic

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    Hey phixion, it's easy to make a link. All you do is navigate into your grow log, then go into the browser window and highlight the WHOLE URL... then hit ctrl-C. Now come in here, and hit 'reply' and just paste it into the thread. I can then come back and merge your post with the url with your post that describes the grow style!

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