The Growing Styles and Logs Thread! Submit yours!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stinkyattic, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I figured I might as well add my little grow, as I feel its a fairly easy to follow log. Anyways its a simple CFL "micro" grow in soil(potting soil), with perlite added. Using AN Sensi bloom 2 part for flower, and used generic 20-20-20 for veg. Check it out!

    BD's CFL Peakseed Adventure!
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    forget all these links post pics of all setups and logs
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    CFL & Floro only grow log/soil

    My grow log can be found in my signature!!!!

    CFL's & Floro's only and MG 6-month release soil.
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    Ranger headquarters in cannabis pics started as a y2k shelter, found its real purpose in life that same year
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    Hello ,

    This is great saying :thumbsup: I like to try more and more growing on my life style . A very effective one thing is
    "Life is a CHOICE between a methodology of Ageing or Growing. Ageing is adding years to life & Growing is ADDING
    LIFE 2 years.So begin GROWING.
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    My second attempt at a grow.
    5'x5'x7' room that I built
    Drip system using Sure To Grow and (Get this) polyester pillow filling in 4''x8'' PVC pipes
    5 Gallon reservoir
    R.O. H20
    First grow Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 3 Part, non pH perfect version. The pH was 5.4 to 5.8 with this.
    Second attempt Advanced Nutrients, Sensi-Grow and Sensi-Bloom (Not as good as the Jungle Juice me thinks as the pH was all over the map)
    400 W MH & HPS switchable ballast and 2 x 100 W MH side augmentation lighting
    1 each 60 W UVA fixture. I turn this on 3 to 4 times a day for 20 minutes each time.
    Ozone generator for mold control. It gets very humid here.
    Stock seeds from Nirvana Shop (They are the ausgezeichnet!)
    1 Wife that loves to vaporize and says I am spending too much money. (She went to Woodstock! I was still in grade skool) (I know, SCHOOL, you do the math)
    1 Learning curve to get through.

    Got the first grow finished with lots of decent stuff until most of it started to grow mold & the second attempt either got pollinated or hermie plants but did some great quality nuggets, the quantity is a bit lacking. (See my introduction on the "Introduce Yourself " Page)
    Going to switch to larger vessels for my third grow. From 4'' PVC pipe to 3 Gallon planters with perlite in some and polyester pillow fill in others. Sort of a Dutch Bucket job.
    I tend to "Over Engineer" stuff and I try to put 10 pounds of shat in a 5 pound bag.
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    help save my plants and i will share with any1 in montgomery county ohio

    first of all i am just no good at growing. a newbie that just kills everything!! I started these plants out inside, in coco and orgnc potting soil with mostly cfls. my main plant, has always looked terrible as if over watered but i do let the soil going dry before watering, i am doing all this with a low budget so no, i don't have high intensity lights nor do i have enormous fans to evaporate water faster, any way.... grew them inside for a long long time longer than usual, they are way behind should but cut and dried by now, slow slow grow. none of my plants a very tall all are under 3 ft tall. my main girl is kinda tall kinda bushy but the branches and stems have grown all different ways turned its self into a tangled mess, leaves are curling up and down, color is not throughout, a few are supposed to be auto flower NOPE!!!!! and what the hell is eating my leaves how do i kill this bug forever?? what could i do to make them taller before i harvest? help me save my plants PLEASE - YouTube
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    HPS: a Coming of Age Story HipHopaddix GrassCity Grow Journal

    Yeah, I see what you mean man. lets see if you can do anything with this cause its not getting any attention on the Grasscity forums. Even just some friendly input would be nice. Much love. thanks man.
    HPS: a Coming of Age Story - Indoor Grow Journals

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