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    i got to get in on this bible thing...
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    Proverbs 1:7
    Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Only fools despise wisdom and discipline. - 1000 B.C. and later.
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    i always thought you weren't supposed to fear the lord.
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    I guess you havn't heard of Hell.

    The "lord", according to the bible, has something to threaten you with: satan, whom he created to punish the people that seek knowledge.

    The safest path, according to the world's religions, is one of ignorance and blind obedience - to them.

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    So if I'm getting this right.....

    God wants us all to live in fear of his wrath, you will go strait to hell to burn in the fires of agony for all eternity if you don't stroke his ego once a week by going to church. you will also be condemned to eternal damnation if you are of the wrong faith, even if you never heard of jesus, and god will smite, kill, and condemn anybody who lives a pure and good life of virtue but still doesn't stroke his ego through the correct faith and temple...... but he loves you.
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    If God knows the decision of every individual (being omnipotent), before they are born, regarding the acceptance or denial of Jesus as a savior, then why does he create one set of individuals destined for heaven and another set destined for eternal damnation? This seems unjust, perverse and particularly evil.
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    And.... THIS is why I never dabbled in christianity :D
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    that's right, you have to stick to more mainstream religions like islam, judaism, and voodoo ;)
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    How about just being an atheist? <-- or how you spell it!:p
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    that sounds
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    what if God is the devil?! he wants us to live our life for him, become puppets of his design.
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    What on earth are you talking about? I like the old, crazy stuff that no one knows about. Well cept probably people in this particular board. Right now studying alot about ayahuascan shamanism pretty interesting stuff :thumbsup:
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    lol, well I hope you didn't take that seriously :p

    yeah, I actually found an awsome site on shamanism that gives a complete history of them all from all over the world, as well as an extensive section on drug use amoung shamans. unfortunately, I just formatted my drive and it was in my favorites, so I don't remember the site :(
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    What you display here isn't knowledge of christianity. You build up a version of it suitable for a 6 year old, and attack that. IF you truley have any problems with God or his word, than let's talk about them, but you have to at least start with having an understanding of what the bible says.

    -The fear of God is much like the fear one has of their father when they've done something wrong...i'd say it's some form of respectful fear...
    -Going to church isn't "stroking God's ego", nor is it even required to know God. It says in the bible that when two or more people gather to worship God, than God is with them. That's where the idea of fellowship (aka church) came from.
    Yes you will go to hell if you are of the wrong faith because essentially there can only be one truth...the one true God gave us one true word, and anything else has been man serving himself.
    -The idea of a firey pit of hell is something that came from Dante's poetic description.
    -Living a good and virtuous life is something that completely and totally comes from God. All the kindness, and good in people comes from God, and therefor to truly be a "good person" you have to have God in you. No one is capable of this without God. People who are, say, "good people" in the sense of the word, and yet refuse to thank God for their good attributes essentially turn their backs on God, and good things anyway, and therefore would not be good. (I'm not saying all good people have to be christians, but rather christians recognize the goodness for what it is and give praise to God for it)
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    You seem to be trying to make people take Christianity seriously, but with these two statements you fail miserably. You're still dealing in absolutes, and that's the ultimate sin. There is no absolute, there is not ONE truth, and if there was, it most certainly wouldn't be with your God. And when you say there is no Good without God, then you're just repeating the mistakes that caused the deaths of millions of people throughout the last 2,000 years and untold misery.

    You're a moral elitist and you think that you're right and the rest of th world is wrong. I suppose to you a Buddhist monk who devoted his entire life to peace and meditation is not a good and virtuous person because he doesn't believe in an asshole od God? Oh, and that last little parenthesis you added doesn't make you seem any more humane, only extremely hypocritical, but that goes hand in glove with Christianity I suppose.

    Merry Christmas.
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    This is fear coming from a man who'd tremble at the site of you.
    Fear and love go hand in hand.
    Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Only fools despise wisdom and discipline. - 1000 B.C. and later.

    There are many lords and many manors.
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    Holy Shit, you wouldn't believe it.

    I was confirmed Roman Catholic at St. Mary's Church and I was never taught the Bible or any big deal about Jesus dying for our sins. I always thought something was weird about that city. Either, they're all aliens or...
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    I'm glad to see you use Christmas instead of "X":)

    You say there can't possibly be one truth, and my quarrel here is that. Truth, to logically maintain itself would have to have no alternative. Absolute truth that is, because the truth can have many faces to it (what shape is the truth exactly?). That's why I believe almost all religions, except for the really twisted ones, have some truth in them that we recognize as truth. Buddhism teaches salvation (from life) through human effort, which my religion disagrees with, however we both share the similarity that this world is an illusion that we must escape from, I believe to "find that dark space and shut the door". The difference between buddhism and my religion which is Christianity, is that mine involves trying to establish a spiritual relationship with what I believe to be the ultamite living truth that is God. I don't pick christianity as my road to God, but rather I saw christianity as the completion of all the truths.

    If I am repeating those same mistakes that happened 2000 years ago (I assume you mean the crusades) then you must understand that that exact thing happens in our secular world right now. Right now we have our mega-nations claiming to be the "christian world" (really it is the most ethnically mixed half of the world, and least united by religion) becoming more attatched to things like money, cars, war, death, sex.... The finger is not to be pointed at christians for where the "christianworld" has decided to go now, nor in the past. If your argument is that during the medival era "christians ruled the government and ordered the crusades" than I say this:
    -"christian" is a label for "follower of christ". That is those who follow the teachings of christ. Someone ordering a "crusade" against innocent people is not following christ, and is therefor not a "christian". That doesn't alwasy apply because sometimes people who generally follow christ slip up, but it's nothing short of being human.
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